Concert Announcement!  

Welcome Grammy-winning "Rebirth Brass Band" to this year's Arts Festival! The New Orleans band was founded in 1983 by the Frazier brothers and has since won over fans in generations for their signature brass-funk style. While upholding their traditional 
roots, they also embrace modern music to forge a  fresh, unique sound you'll find yourself addicted to! 
Arrow Art Challenge Finalists
Top: Sharon Brush 
Middle: Peter Clouse 
Bottom: Edrex Fontanillia.
Congratulations to the seven artists who have been selected as finalists for this year's Five Years Out Arrow Art Challenge! This is the fifth year that artists from around the world have been inspired by Arrow's call for innovation. Each finalist is given $5,000 to create a work of art that expresses their idea of innovation through their discipline of choice. The winner will receive $10,000 and a jury-exempt invitation to exhibit at the 2018 Cherry Creek Arts Festival
Amenda Corso 
(Mixed Media/Digital - Des Moines, IA)  
Sharon Brush (Ceramic - Santa Fe, NM)
Dan Stiles (Mixed Media/Interactive - Portland, OR)
Aaron Hequembourg (Mixed Media - Monticello, GA)
Peter Clouse (Mixed Media - Ferndale, MI)
Amy Carstensen (Painting - Tampa, FL)
Edrex Fontanilla (Sculpture - San Jose, CA)
The works are currently being created. Look forward to seeing their final  pieces displayed on site at the Arts Festival on Detroit near 2nd Avenue from July 1 to July 3! 

The Opening Gala is a fabulous art preview and buying reception topped-off with a stunning culinary experience and dinner program. This yearly event supports CherryArts' year round initiative to bring educational art experiences into the community. 
Perspective, CherryArts' young professional group presents a lunch with this years poster artist, Daryl Thetford, at Annette Scrach to Table Restaurant, Stanley Marketplace. Join us to hear amazing stories and get to know Daryl in this special intimate setting.

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Grab a beer and  get ready to create  while supporting  CherryArts education outreach Join Perspective, the CherryArts Young Professional Group at Blue Moon Brewery  on May 30th, there will be fun interactive art activities, a percentage of  all beer sales from 4pm-7pm will be donated to support CherryArts year round Arts Education Programs

Join us at 
Blue Moon Brewery in their new RiNo location at 3750 Chestnut Place.

For five days in June, Room & Board will be displaying pieces of  artwork from some of Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Colorado artists.  Get a sneak peak of the artwork in their showroom  located  at  222 Detroit St  Cherry Creek North! 
 (right: detail of Nha Vuu's "Square Dynamics")

Perspective, our Young Professionals Group, will be debuting CherryArts' new Mobile Art Cart at the Center for Visual Arts at  965 Santa Fe Drive . The new cart is designed to travel around teaching visitors how to screenprint! Visit us and make something cool!
Featured Artist Spotlight
 Theresa Haberkorn 
Printmaking | Boulder, CO

Theresa is known for her mastery of woodcut printmaking and has work in a variety of public and private collections. With nature as her muse, she sets out to capture the beauty surrounding her every day. You'll find a stunning variety of landscapes, horticulture, and animal life within her portfolio. Preview her work on her website 
and visit her in booth 141 at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival!

Bringing Art to Life
This year's look is inspired by the color wheel. The color wheel can be viewed as the place from which visual art is born.

Renowned mathematician Sir Isaac Newton invented the first color wheel. While studying white light reflecting off prisms, he noticed that the light reflected a spectrum of colors. Noting down the different hues, he believed the rainbow of colors shared a harmonious relationship. Following that train of thought, he compared the hues to music to discover the harmonious relationship between each hue.

He identified each hue with a corresponding musical note. He then arranged those musical notes into a square, and then finally placed the colors on a rotating disk to see how they interact with each other visually. And that's the story of the ideation behind the first color wheel.

(Fun fact: When you spin the color wheel, the human eye will only see white as the colors blend together.) 

CherryArts (Colorado Events & Education) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to provide access to art experiences and support arts education in Colorado. Along with the annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival and CherryArts Festival at Stanley, CherryArts fulfills its year-round art education and outreach mission through programs including the Mobile Art Gallery, Artist in Residence programs and the Janus Student Art Buying Program.