May 2014
Growing Profits

Cherry flowering advanced by 15 days and over a 100% increase in fruit per tree!

Automatic orchard covering system advances cherry flowering 

This is the second season that trials of covering systems over high efficiency sweet cherry trees  are being done at Michigan State University. This year, flowering in the automated orchard covering system (or retractable roof greenhouse) was advanced 15 days compared to those trees outside.

  Automated orchard covering system            Open field                     

Over a 100% increase in the number  
of cherries in the automatic orchard covering system

Four weeks has now passed since full bloom in the automated orchard covering system. Trees in the automated orchard covering system developed over 100% more fruit per tree compared to those outside. This was due to the combination of the trees in the protected environment developing more flowers per tree and the roof being operated to create conditions which were favorable for pollination.  

  Under automated roof structure                    Under stationary rain shelter

If you are interested in visiting the Michigan State cherry trials in June just before the harvest, please contact your Cravo representative or email us at  

2013 TRIALS 
Cherry trees under a Cravo retractable roof,  
a stationary roof and no roof

Ground breaking research at Michigan State University is evaluating sweet cherry produced under a retractable roof, a conventional rain shelter and an open orchard. Dr. Greg Lang provides a video update on the development of the cherry tree flowers, fruit and leaves in all 3 environments since flowering.


High efficiency sweet cherry research project at Michigan State University


Dr. Greg Lang gives an overview of the NC140 sweet cherry training systems trial which is looking at 3 rootstocks with 4 different training systems to create high density pedestrian orchard training systems while evaluating the interaction between vigour control and how the canopy of the tree develops through the training system.

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