CherryArts is thrilled to announce this year's featured artist, Noelle Phares from Denver, Colorado! She created the artwork for the 2022 Cherry Creek Arts Festival poster titled Light Born in Spring with acrylic and goache on canvas. 

"Colorado is one of the fastest growing states in the country. As people move from all over to enjoy the benefits of having both the delights of urban life and wilderness, the views are changing fast. It’s getting harder to find a mountainous view not framed by the angular lines of human development. In Light Born in Spring, the striking Hallett Peak juts out above Estes Park’s Dream Lake. The hints of buildings depicted in the painting are only a murky dream as the immediate area is still undeveloped as of 2022 - a vision that I hope remains unrealized. The piece is a meditation on the changing landscapes of modern Colorado as the human footprint reaches farther and farther into the Rocky Mountains, and a gentle suggestion to keep some places wild."  Noelle Phares

Noelle Phares brings a fresh perspective to her contemporary landscape paintings through an examination of the tension between organic and synthetic. As an environmental scientist by training, she allows the same topics that drove her work in the natural sciences, to now guide her creative endeavors. Her body of work combines landscape elements with structural geometry, to create fractured architectural landscapes that explore the ever-encroaching presence of humanity in previously pristine open spaces.

Save the Date! Join us the evening of June 9th to learn more about Noelle and her creative process, inspirations and what led her to become a full-time artist. Sign up now for more info about this incredible event!
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