Cheshire Chat
Spring 2022 Edition
Flood Safety
With Spring's arrival comes the melting of snow and the risk of floods. Please click here to review a handout of helpful information from NFPA National Fire Protection Association on Flood Safety.

February Fitness Challenge


We have completed another February Fitness Challenge and participants will now continue on with their fitness journey!

As a group for the month of February we completed:
Week One Total of Minutes = 3000
Week Two Total of Minutes = 3745
Week Three Total of Minutes = 2975
Week Four Total of Minutes = 4730
Overall time spent doing physical fitness activities = 14,450 Minutes OR 241 hours!

London Middlesex Community Support Services Network
Central Intake
As the Lead Agency in London and Middlesex, Cheshire provides a Central Intake for individuals to access Community Support Services. The Central Intake Team is able to assess and link individuals to the services provided by 20 community support organizations across London and Middlesex. Clients and caregivers will be able to inquire and register for multiple community support services with just one phone call avoiding the need to repeat their story to each organization individually. To read on, please click here
Cultural Humility Corner

The ICS Collaborative is offering a series of four webinars featuring nationally recognized Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and Elders sharing insights into the wisdom needed to thrive in this era of disruption and environmental change. In this first webinar, the Grandmothers Speak, a Circle of Grandmothers will share the wisdom that the Ancestors have left for us in four rounds of discussion. The Grandmothers will introduce
themselves, identify the warnings that the land, air, and water are providing to human beings, share the Medicines (teachings,
practices) that strengthen hearts, spirits, minds, and bodies, and embrace a vision for a future of peace. Non Indigenous people
are invited to join the webinar as listeners and witnesses. Listening is a key component of traditional Indigenous teaching practices and an essential aspect of learning how to be a good ally.
Payroll Deductions
Did you know that Cheshire provides staff with an easy way to give back to our Everyday Dreams program? You can designate any amount to be automatically donated from your paycheck. 

Just think - if every employee donated just $1 each pay the Everyday Dreams Fund that would be over $300 per pay and over $7800 a year. A little goes a long way!

To sign up for payroll deductions, please speak to your Program Manager to complete a Payroll Authorizations & Deductions form.