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Our Spring 2018 Before and After School Chess Clubs are starting up next week! A few of our clubs are already full and many others still have space. Please do get signed up soon so we can get the appropriate number of coaches placed to coach your child's club this Spring!
Remember, all students need to re-register for the Spring.


And stay tuned for the announcement of our summer camps coming soon!
Puzzle Solutions from our last email :

Beginner/Intermediate Puzzle:
The Back Rank Mate!

This is a forced Mate in 3 for white. White will move, forcing a certain response from black, and then again, and then finally checkmate: all forcing moves.
We'll send the correct solution in our next email.
Solution explained: To find the solution to this puzzle, it is important to recognize that Black's King is behind three of it's own Pawns and thus could be checkmated on the "back rank" of the board with a Rook or a Queen. And then it is important to notice that White's Queen and two Rooks are all pointing at the same e8 square that is only defended twice (by the Black Rook on a8 and the Black Knight on f6). Then all White has to do is move the Queen or Rook to e8, get captured, then recapture with a queen or rook that is left, get captured again, and then finally recapture with the final piece that can on e8, delivering a back rank checkmate to the Black King.
Advanced Puzzle:
Fun Anti Chess Puzzle!

Here is a fun one if you haven't seen it yet!

White to move and NOT CHECK MATE! In this puzzle most any move White can make will checkmate the Black King. Except there is one move White can make that will not checkmate the Black King. We'll send out the answer to this one in our next email.
Solution explained: This is a tough one, as most any move White can make will deliver checkmate to the Black King. It is fun to see all the checkmates that White can do and what makes them checkmate. But the puzzle is to find the non-checkmating move. And in this case the only move that works is to move the g6 Rook to c6. The reason this exact move is necessary is that then the Black Rook on b7 can go capture the White Bishop on h7 that will be revealed to be giving check when the g6 Rook moves. The reason he has to go specifically to c6 is that in any other scneario, the Black Rook on b7 would be pinned/ stuck in place by the a8 White Bishop, which would be giving the Black King check if the Black Rook were to move.
  Chess Practice Online!
Learn and Brush Up on The Basics

Both these links come from the free and open sourced chess website, lichess.org. The site is free and has no ads. You can create an account for free and set it to "kid mode" for your kids to play on without you having to constantly monitor.
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