November 6, 2012
For Immediate Release
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Tamara Washington | Executive Consultant



HOUSTON, TX - Former Houston Texans offensive-lineman Chester Pitts has teamed up with Harvest Time Community Center to help get seniors to the polls. With sights on a 2020 senate seat, the former lineman turned Sports Analyst and radio co-host, has gathered former and current Houston Texans players to take charge and make sure the votes of seniors count too.


Chester Pitts said, "Having the chance to vote is one of America's greatest's an honor and our duty to go to the polls. That is why it is important we help make sure everyone has this opportunity." With so many topics up for discussion this election, from the Economy to Medicare, the vote of the senior has almost been looked over. Chester believes it is the responsibility of all to take care of our senior citizens, so as always; Chester leads by example.


So after recent Texans games, instead of running in the locker room for an interview about the big play, Chester was interviewing players to jump in a van to get the community to the polls. The players will start Election day early, meeting at 9 am at Harvest Time Community Center, 17770 Imperial Valley Dr., the players will then get behind the wheel of the vans and head over to various senior citizen community centers within District B.   


Chester will be joined by some of his former teammates like RB Moran Norris, DE Travis Johnson and LB Charlie Anderson along with several current players. For media interviews with Chester Pitts or any Houston Texans please email Tamara Washington  or call 713.456.0630. 




About CHESTER PITTS - The Houston Texans drafted Chester Pitts in the 2nd round of the NFL Draft. Chester is one of the original Texans, starting every game for seven years as an Offensive Lineman. Chester left the NFL in 2010 after an injury to his knee. The Texans Ambassador is now a Sports Analyst, co-host of CBS Sports 610 Radio, Financial Consultant at ZT Wealth, Co-founder of The Chester Pitts Charitable Foundation and President of CP2 Investments. When Chester is able to step away from everything, you will find him spending time with his 6 yr old son and 15 yr old daughter.