Dec. 2017
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 2016 HOF Inductee Gloria Kolbucz Passes

One of most outstanding softball organizers in the history of the sport has recently passed away. She had lung and bone cancer. She wasn't a complainer. Donations in her name can be made to the Wellness House in Hinsdale.
Since starting her career in 1958, Gloria has played, taught, coached, managed and organized for thirty-five years. She played for Antoinette Maffia at Clark and Ken-Wel Playgrounds. In 1965, she began teaching softball at Mother Guerin High School and at Hiawatha Park for 23 years. She coached and managed teams from local park district levels to teams that competed at the national level. She was the Area Eight Chairperson for Girls and Women's 16-inch softball and the Cluster Two Chairperson responsible for running all softball events. In 1988 she was named the city-wide sixteen-inch Softball Chair for Girls and Women's Softball for the Chicago Park District.
We are extremely grateful for all Gloria's contributions to the game of softball.
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Do You Know How The First Softball Game Started?
The great game of softball started in Chicago on Thanksgiving Day in 1887. 
Click below to watch how it all started! 

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1937 Davis Square Champions 
From Scott Blake. Grandfather Stanley top row on left. Now this is a classic!
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