We are all excited and have a fantastic weekend in store for you! This email contains detailed and updated event information, so please review it carefully and be sure to share it with your registered dancers and studio parents. It is very important that everyone know what to expect ahead of attending our event. Strategic plans for our convention and competition are in place to ensure that we maximize both the event experience and safety for all attendees. We appreciate your thorough review of all event procedures below.  

We will adhere to the local indoor mask mandate and require that masks be worn in the classroom and in all common areas of our host hotel. This pertains to our registered dancers and observers. The hotel has let us know that we do have the liberty of exercising a mask-optional policy while dancers are performing on stage during the competition portion of our event. To clarify, this allows a studio and/or an independent registrant the discretion of allowing their dancer(s) to remove their mask(s) immediately prior to taking the stage before their designated performance(s) during the competition portion of our event. If this option is exercised, we ask that dancers bring their own baggie to store their mask in for safe keeping backstage. We ask that they remove it immediately before their performance and put it back on immediately after their performance. 

Registration Packet Pick Up Options


A single studio owner/director/teacher or independent registrant ONLY may choose one of options below to pick up their registration packets at our Dupree Dance desk.  


(1)       Friday, October 22 from 5:45-6:45 PM     


(2) Saturday, October 23 beginning at 6:45 AM


We highly suggest that you choose the earliest registration packet pick up option that is convenient for you so that you can arrange to distribute the convention registration wristbands and audition numbers to your registered dancers in advance of our convention Kick Off at 7:30 AM. We kindly ask that studio owners/directors or representatives please distribute the registration contents to their dancers either outside or in an alternate area away from our registration desk. 


We will not allow any switching of ballrooms at the event or at registration packet pick-up. All dancers must remain in their pre-registered convention class level the entire weekend. Dancers will not be permitted in classroom without the appropriate convention registration wristband.


(NEW!) Removable Convention Registration Bracelets


This season, we are trying something new with our registered dancer wristbands. Instead of mandating the registration wristbands be worn throughout both the convention and competition, we have purchased the removable rubber wristbands for all registered convention levels and will require that registered dancers and teachers wear them during our entire convention class schedule only. We realize the perk will be giving our supporters the flexibility of removing a wristband from a competition piece, but we do ask that you please have your dancers store their convention registration wristband in a safe area so that they do not lose it during our event. If all goes well this season, we will continue with this policy during future regional events. 

Convention Class Schedule


Here is a link to our convention class schedule

Convention Schedule


Our convention class kick off is at 7:30 AM on Saturday morning. All registered dancers and paid observers are invited to meet in the mainstage ballroom. Please note that all the dancers will start their convention schedule on Sunday in their individual classrooms. All registered dancers, teachers and paid observers are invited to the mainstage ballroom for Sunday’s 2:45 PM Closing Ceremony. We will have a livestream option during our Convention Kick Off and Closing Ceremony for any dancers/parents to take advantage of if they would like to. The livestream link will be conveniently located on the homepage of our website. 


We will not have printed convention schedules at the event. Your dancers can choose to either print their own schedule before they attend or access the direct link to the class schedule from our website at any time before and during our event.  


Any registered teacher, assistant teacher or studio owner/director is able to observe classes in any ballroom throughout the weekend with the exception of our closed audition classes in the Junior, Teen and Senior rooms. Registered teachers must be wearing either their registered teacher or assistant wristband and/or their studio owner/director lanyard to gain access to classes. 


Onsite convention or competition registration will not be offered at our event at any time. 



Angela Carter is an award-winning choreographer, highly sought out international master teacher, and creative entrepreneur. She is Co-Owner and Director of Tap Into the Network, a touring tap dance intensive alongside Ryan Lohoff. Started by longtime partner Gregg Russell, TITN is now in their 14th season, providing exclusive training experience for both students and teachers.She has choreographed for United Nations International Women’s Month, and opening acts for artists such as Mary J. Blige. Her tap sounds were used in Disney’s Princess and the Frog and tap dance legend Al Gilbert’s Graded Technique. She has assisted tap legends Al Gilbert, Pat Rico and Henry LeTang to name a few. She has been featured in many live shows, short films, and can be seen in commercials for Carvel Ice Cream and Sensa. Angela has choreographed and performed for the Miss Kansas Pageant, Choreographers Carnival, LA Tap Festival, Motor City Tap Festival and Tri-Tappin’ Festival. She has also worked with Tyce D’iorio on the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, and performed on Mobbed (FOX).

Angela has choreographed for and/or performed with many professional Los Angeles companies including Tapsounds Underground, The LaLas, and Chloe Arnold’s Syncopated Ladies.She has also choreographed, taught and judged for various conventions, studios and organizations (Tremaine, Commercial Dance Intensive, Industry Xperience, CoDance, Dance Olympus, International Dance Challenge - Guatemala, Dance Caravan, Hollywood Vibe, and Dance Masters of America, etc.). Angela is the author and creator of The Genius Guide to College Dance Programs, designed specifically to assist and coach students and parents through the college selection journey. The guide is sold on Amazon! She also teaches at various colleges and universities as guest faculty. She is the Creative Director of Dance Genius, an online educational dance experience offering dance resources presented by instructors and contributors from across the country. Founder of The Black Angel Foundation, Angela is building a community that celebrates culture, diversity, and movement. Her intensive event, Breakthrough, will offer students a unique experience of professional training, mentorship, and access to the industry.

She’s featured on the Made With Purpose Podcast as well, where she talks about tapping into your potential for success. Angela’s message is to take risks, believe in yourself, and to always work hard to create the life you want!

Observer Rules During Convention Classes

Per our strict observer band policy, observer bands were only offered during the initial online registration process. Additional observer bands will not be added to your registration packet and onsite observer bands sales will not be offered during our event at any time.  The safety of your dancers and capacity of each ballroom remains our top priority.  


As mentioned during the online registration, we automatically gift one Mini  band per every one registered Mini dancer within each studio.  Mini observer bands will only allow access to Mini classes. The gifted Mini band will be removable, therefore allowing a parent/guardian the liberty of interchanging a bracelet at any time with a second parent/guardian if they would like to. 


If you pre-secured additional Mini observer bands and/or observer bands for the Junior, Teen and Senior rooms, those will be included in your registration packet. Observer bands are required during our Kick Off, convention classes and Sunday’s Closing Ceremony.

Audition Numbers

We utilize audition numbers during both our convention classes and formal audition classes. When you pick up your registration packet, you will also receive a neatly organized packet of audition numbers for your pre-registered dancers in the Mini, Junior, Teen and Senior room. Registered Assistant Teachers are still welcome to audition in the Senior room, but will not need an audition number. Two stickers per dancer will be included in each audition packet, one for each day of the event. Each dancer’s name will be written directly under their audition number to avoid any confusion on your end when you distribute them. We are asking that you please give your registered dancers both stickers and let them know to wear one on each day throughout ALL classes, not just during auditions. 


** For studio owners/directors who have multiple registered students, it may be helpful to plan ahead and appoint an additional teacher or representative the job of helping you distribute your audition numbers to your registered students. 

Competition Line-Up for 

Friday and Saturday

Below are links to competition schedule for each day of our event. Our competition mainstage will open 15-30 minutes ahead of the scheduled start time of competition each day. 

We will not have printed competition line-ups at the event. Your parents and dancers can choose to either print their own schedule before they attend or access the direct link to the line up from our website at any time before and during our event.  


We will live stream our Convention Kick Off, Convention Closing Ceremony, entire competition schedule and every awards ceremony for the benefit of all attendees. The live stream link will be located on the homepage of our website and active during these times. Please share our live stream link with your studio parents and supporters.

Same Day Productions will offer professional DVD and Photo services of all of your competition routines over the weekend! You will receive an email directly from them regarding purchase options. Please share this information with your studio parents and supporters.


Competition Audio/Video Critiques


Dupree Dance has partnered with Same Day Productions and will be providing 3 complimentary audio/video critiques for each competition routine. You will receive your audio/video critiques no later than the Monday following our event via Dropbox. The Dropbox email will come directly from Same Day Productions (not Dupree Dance). 

Dressing Areas


Signs will be posted on dressing rooms designated for our dancers during each day of competition. Our dressing rooms will open 1 hour prior to the scheduled start time of competition each day. We appreciate dancers clearing the dressing area as soon as their last routine has competed on stage. Dupree Dance is not responsible for items left in the dressing areas. 



Competition Guidelines & Awards Ceremony Procedures


Please carefully review our Competition Guidelines and Awards Ceremony Procedures. The manner in which we disperse individual and overall awards during our Solo, Duo and Trio competition is different from how we approach the dispersal of our Group, Line and Production individual and overall awards. We appreciate you reviewing these specific procedures AHEAD of our event with your studio dancers and parents so that it will help us remain on schedule and avoid confusion during our live program and award ceremonies. 


We ask that studio owners/directors please PRE-APPOINT one assigned dancer or studio representative per each registered group, line, production or super production routine. Only pre-appointed representatives will be asked to sit in a designated area immediately in front of our competition stage during the group awards ceremony. Pre-appointed representatives will be responsible for gathering their routine’s individual and overall awards. Other dancers in the routine who are not the pre-appointed representative are welcome to sit in the audience but may NOT sit in the area designated for the pre-appointed representatives. 


ALL NEW!!!! Judges Choice Award


Throughout our group, line and production competition our Judges have the liberty to submit any routine as a Judges Choice Nominee. At the conclusion of our Saturday competition, 3-4 official Judges Choice Award Winners will be announced. Those routines will not only be invited to perform again at the beginning of Sunday’s Closing Ceremony, but they will also receive a free bid to our upcoming Dupree Dance National Finals! Be sure to attend our final awards ceremony either in person or livestream. Judges Choice Winners will receive a official award and additional information about their involvement during our Closing Ceremony. 



Videotaping / Photography Policy


Photography and videotaping are strictly prohibited during competition. Studio Owners/Directors, please inform your dancers and dance parents of this rule.

Front desk Hours and Apparel Sales


Our front desk will be open approximately 45 minutes prior to the start of the first class on each day. Our front desk will close at 4 PM on Saturday and at 2 PM on Sunday. 


Apparel sales will not begin until after our convention class kick off on Saturday morning. Apparel sales will be available until 4 PM on Saturday and until 2 PM on Sunday. Apparel sales will not be offered during Friday’s competition schedule.



Private Studio Owner/Director 

Luncheon on Sunday


Dupree Dance owner, Kari Anderson, and the Dupree faculty will host a private and complimentary Studio Owner/Director luncheon on Sunday afternoon from 12:30-1:30 PM.  We are still working on finalizing details with our host hotel and will send out additional information to our studio supporters in advance of our event. We are limiting our lunch to Studio Owners/Directors only and ask that our guests please wear their Studio Owner/Director badges that they will receive in their event registration packet. We look forward to connecting with you!


Food and Beverage


Attendees will need to bring their own bottled water for use during classes and competition. There will not be water stations set up in any of our classrooms or backstage. Please tell your dancers to bring an adequate amount of their own water each day.  


The hotel will not be offering grab and go food sales during our event. Dancers are welcome to pack a lunch to eat during their designated lunch breaks on both days. The hotel restaurant will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with limited hours, but may not be the fastest option during quick meal breaks. Our Event Coordinator, Zack Anderson, will send out add additional information via email this week regarding exact food/beverage options and hours once our host hotel provides him those details. 


Thank you and we will see you in just a few short days!

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