Amid the uncertainty of the moment, we at Art Encounter can't help but feel grateful for art, and all the ways it helps us connect and build community. It's been inspiring to see the amazing resources people have shared online over the past few weeks. We have much to share ourselves, and hope you'll stay connected with Art Encounter while we explore new ways of seeing, together.

One series of "art encounters " we will be bringing you is Minute with a Muralist , and we're thrilled to kick it off today with this week's Chicago Sun-Times coverage of Lea Pinsky and Dustin Harris, our very own Executive Director and Mural Programs Manager.

Thank you to Mary Norkol and the Chicago Sun-Times for sharing this story! Click anywhere below to read the article, then check out the rest of their Murals and Mosaics series, including an interactive map of public art throughout Chicago.
In the coming weeks, watch for more arts content, here and on social media. We hope that you'll find us on instagram and Facebook to see more,
and reach out to us to share what's inspiring you!
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At Art Encounter, we believe that art has the power to help us better understand ourselves and the world around us. Everyone should have access to art, so we take people to art and bring art to people. Our mission is to educate, empower, and connect people of all ages and backgrounds through interactive encounters with art. We take members into artists’ studios and private collections, leading conversations that connect them with the art and with one another. Our outreach programs bring enriching art experiences to ten times as many, in the public schools and in senior residences. And our murals transform the walls and the lives of the whole community.