Building Hope
in Iraq

SWIC is extremely grateful to those working on the ground who made this such a success, Sinan, Claire Evans, and all those at our collaborating organization ICC. SWIC sends blessings and best wishes to Bassam and Ghazwan, who are witnessing to God’s redeeming love through chickens!
Signs of Hope in Northern Iraq
The Chicken Farm Initiative (CFI) is underway, and the first two farms are launched. Thanks to your generosity, two Iraqi farmers are now rebuilding their chicken farm businesses in Qaraqosh. Both of these farmers are very experienced in raising chickens. They have used the funds you provided to purchase chicks, fodder, medicine and veterinary services. These farmers are extremely grateful to SWIC for our support, are looking forward to providing for their families, and are committed to helping the other farmers and families in their communities also reconstitute their livelihoods. Let’s make these just the first two of many farms which we can help to re-establish. Your continued donations will make that a reality!
Pam Faber, Treasurer
Vincent Dixon: Capturing Images of Hope in Iraq
In October, Vincent was one of four SWIC missioners who visited Iraq. He exhibited his inspirational photos and video at St. David's in Wayne, PA, in March 2019. He captured the spirit of both the heartrending devastation of Mosul, and the exquisite beauty of St. Matthew’s monastery on the Nineveh Plains, dating from the 4 th century. Vincent and his art are crucial to SWIC’s commitment to growing the bond of friendship between people in the U.S. and our Iraqi neighbors.
All of Vincent’s photographs and videos give SWIC donors and volunteers a compelling view of what life is like in Iraq. Through his eyes we can experience the difference that SWIC projects like helping to build a school, and rebuild chicken farms can make in the lives of all those bringing forth new life in Baghdad and up on the Nineveh Plains.
Visit  to watch the new Chicken Farm video.

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