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The team in action, the passion never stops
Welcome to the most unique small fly design company in the WORLD.
I hope you have all been having fun. At the moment I"m holed up in a remote village where there are no TV's or washing machines , every one has got buffaloes ,chickens, pigeons, goats, dogs and the odd cow.It will soon be mouse season I,m told so I may have to help catch some of them, mouse on a stick on the barbie!

There are no tar sealed roads and when it rains its hard to walk on the muddy roads. For brunch I walk to a shack and get a bottle of coke and two large potato curry samosas which some times come with real flies stuck to the outside of them. For under one dollar.

The woman that serves me usually has a goats head on a metal pole when I get there, holding it over a fire burning the hairs off of it getting it ready for other customers , thankfully not me.
For many years I have done things like this to get away and seek a place I can be creative and work away in peace.Some people just think things happen and don't realise the work that goes on behind the scenes like in may small businesses.

At the moment I'm working on some new fly designs, web site updates and more new book stuff , with the first book hopefully out by October its been more work than I could think of ,thought its been a fun creative process.(and still is)

Danika from the brown trout cafe is sending out your fly orders at the moment so the more flies you order the more samosas I can eat and just maybe the odd goats brain or eye ball.
Thank you all for your support.

Two men have been lost in the desert for weeks and are at deaths door.As they Stumble on,hoing for salvation the form of an oasis,they suddenly spy a tree off in the distance.

As they get closer they can see that the tree is draped with rasher upon rasher of bacon, life-giving juicy nearly raw bacon,all sorts."Oh my,Pepe" says the first bloke."its a bacon tree we are saved!"

So Pepe goes on ahead and runs up to the tree salivating at the prospect of food. But as he gets to within five feet he is shot down by a hail of bullets. His friend quickly drops down on the sand and calls across to the dying Pepe.

"Pepe!Pepe! What on earth happened?"

With his dying breath Pepe calls out "ugh ,run, run! It's not a Bacon tree.... it's a Ham Bush!"

Booking have been coming in for next year and already I have had to turn away some people which is never fun to do.

So if you are thinking of coming down to New Zealand next season I advise you to book well ahead.

Due to funds I,m also thinking of doing a kickstarter thingy to hopefully raise some funds for the book ideas I,m working on. So watch this space as they say.
If you don't know already.I also put together custom fly selections so no matter where you are in the world or what ever fish species your after you will always catch fish . One click and I do the rest, for you its that easy. Let your friends know as well , cheers Stu.

Do you wish to learn to fly fish? Do you want to cast better have the best stream craft skills for your future in fly fishing?
you will always learn something from Stu. Read the Testimonials.

Paddy walks into the site office carrying a flask. Murphy asks "what you got in there then ?" "Tis a new flask." "whats in it then?""It keeps hot tings hot and cold tings cold." "So what you got in it then?" "two cups of coffee and an ice cream."
Hi Stu
 I tie flies for fun and to fish.
 The quality of Stu’s flies are exceptional.
 Your flies have enabled me to “fool” many fish in the western rivers of North America.
Noel Williams, AUSTRALIA

On a fishing note we were in Japan recently and your foam ant in Black was a favorite of the Rainbow trout and Blue gill where I fished.
A wee film
Another wee film