Dear CCDS Families and Friends, 

When the 2018-2019 school year began, we had no idea what challenges lay ahead. As we walk through campus now, in our new normal post-Camp Fire, I am so continually impressed by our entire school community. The time and attention staff take for life skills, relationship building, and habits of scholarship shine bright in times of challenge. Our community is welcoming, supportive, loving, and generous - it's a CCDS family. 

As we move into the second semester of the school year, we will continue to support all students in their growth, both academic and social-emotional. We say on campus, "be good to each other, and do with that matters" and we truly believe that statement. It's our true pleasure to work with your students in such meaningful ways. Thank you for being a part of the CCDS family.


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The Power of the ARTS in Education at CCDS
Self-expression, improved cognition, deepened cultural understanding, creative problem-solving, confidence, self-awareness... the list goes on and on. Developing these qualities through art, music and technology enriches academic learning and deepens cultural awareness. CCDS' goal is to create well-rounded, well- prepared learners and leaders.

Arts education in schools is as essential as academics. Charter schools receive less funding than school districts receive and even though school budgets are tight, CCDS has found a way to offer music, art and technology to its students on a regular basis. This is because our PTP, parents, supporters and our community help us through crucial fundraising efforts, such as the auction, the jog-a-thon, and the holiday sales, among many. WIthout this support, we simply would need to cut back on these vitally important programs.  Thank you to all of you who contribute in so many crucial ways! Take a look at the video below demonstrating art and music at CCDS.

"The ARTS at CCDS" Video
Electives in the Middle School
CCDS Middle Schoolers began new electives last week! Joining Theater Production, T.A. (Teacher's Asst.), Robotics/Coding, Leadership and Media/Marketing/Yearbook are Yoga, CSI, Set Design, Fantasy Basketball and Game Design.

Every year the Middle School teachers plan a variety of quarter-long to year-long electives, teaching a subject that they are knowledgeable and passionate about. E lectives are scheduled the last period of the day, Tuesday through Thursday. Electives change every quarter and year-to-year. Typically 9-10 choices are offered per quarter, making the class size about 17-23 per class. Wondering why electives are a part of our middle schooler's day?

Choice and Connection
Vital to a well-rounded education, electives allow students to choose a subject that they are interested in learning more about. Learning together and sharing a similar interest connects students with other students, as well as their elective teacher. Students also have the opportunity to interact with other grade levels creating a strong connection throughout 6th-8th grade.

Electives can cultivate practical skills and find hidden talents or passions
In addition to empowering practical skills, electives often support core classes and create a richer learning environment - math, science, writing, presenting, listening, speaking and reading. Electives offer time in the school day for students to explore and discover hidden talents and passions. They can also be a game-changer for many kids, and the beginning of a hobby that could lead to studies in a particular field.
Marketing and Media
Led by Mrs. Birchard, The Media/Marketing elective spends most of the year creating the school yearbook. They design, write copy and take pictures, which is then input into an online software program. Students in this elective commit to an entire year since much of the work they do takes a year to complete. When they're not working on the yearbook, they are running a small business that sells customized t-shirts and sweatshirts, Grilled Teez . Follow Grilled Teez on Instagram at ccdsgrilledteez .

By the way, yearbook order forms are available in both offices. Don't wait to purchase your yearbook -- the cost increases after a couple months!

Yearbook Price

$35 until 3/15
$40 starting 3/16 - while supplies last

Support North Valley Fire Relief!
The students in this elective also have a
t-shirt design business where they learn the ins and outs of running a business. This year they have designed two "Butte Strong"
t-shirts which are currently for sale in the middle school. All proceeds benefit North Valley Fire Relief. Order forms are available in both offices and cash/checks are accepted. Shirts are printed after an order is placed.
Everyday In School Matters: Attendance Pointers

Many parents have questions about attendance procedures. Our policies reflect the California Education Code or “Ed Code” which direct schools on how to report and track attendance.
What is the difference between an “excused” and “unexcused” tardy?
An excused tardy means that a student may have had a medical appointment or an emergency in the family. These need to have documentation and are not counted towards the tardy count. If your child is late due to other reasons, these are considered unexcused tardies. These tardies are tracked and school officials will send tracking letters to those families. After eight unexcused tardies, a meeting with administration is required and families may be referred to the School Attendance Review Board at twelve unexcused tardies.
What is the difference between an “excused” and “unexcused” absence? And what is a truancy?
Parents or guardians are required to contact the school within 72 hours of a student’s absence. An automated email and/or phone call inquiring about the reason for your child not being at school will be generated if the parent/guardian does not communicate with the school. If the parent or guardian does not provide any communication about the student’s absence within three days, a student will be marked “truant”.
A student may be excused from school under these circumstances: (Education Code 48205)
  • Illness
  • Medical, dental, optometry or chiropractic appointment
  • Quarantine
  • Funeral of immediate family member, limited to one day in state, three days out-of-state
  • Court appearance *
  • Any funeral attendance *
  • Religious holiday or ceremony *
  • Religious retreats, limited to four hours per semester *

* Must be requested in writing by parent/guardian and approved by Dean of Students.

By law, all other absences are considered unexcused. These include family trips or vacations, and performances in a non-school sponsored activity, such as a play or performance.

Excessive truancies (five or more)or chronic absenteeism (any absences which are more than 10% of the school year) will result in an administrative meeting to address improving your student’s attendance.

What is Short Term Independent Study?
We encourage families to schedule vacations during regular school holidays. If you must be gone for more than three days, you may take advantage of the Short Term Independent Study program.  CCDS does receive ADA for this program, and additionally your child remains on track with their schoolwork. Forms are in the school office and on the school website. We require five school days advance notice for teachers to gather work and a short meeting to be scheduled with our Independent Study teacher, Stacey Owen.

The project-based nature of the CCDS program makes daily attendance extremely important. Independent Study is a program designed to help students stay current on class work while they are away from the classroom for three or more days. Even though a student participates in Independent Study, it cannot replace the value of the work and collaboration that takes place in the classroom. Therefore, Independent Study contracts are not considered in the aforementioned attendance acknowledgments.

Do we track perfect attendance?
We have shifted away from solely rewarding perfect attendance and focus on improved, good and great attendance. We want students to stay home if they are ill and not feel conflicted that they won’t get “perfect attendance.” Therefore, throughout the year, students are celebrated for excellent punctuality and/or attendance. At the end of the year, students receive accommodations regarding one tardy or absence which equates good attendance and no tardies or absences which equates great attendance. In addition, students that vastly improve their attendance are acknowledged.
Two Parenting Podcasts You Need to Check Out
Everywhere you look there is information on parenting. Most of us already have a favorite resource whether it's a favorite book by your bedside or another parent that you turn to for advice or just to share a story. Podcasts continue to a great source of information and entertainment on just about everything, including parenting. We think you might enjoy these highly rated parenting podcasts.
Mom and Dad are Fighting

A boldly-named parenting podcast with great content, this podcast is full of witty banter and entertaining conversations about contemporary parenting issues and current events. Recent episodes tackle such issues as step-parenting, tricky family situations and negotiating bedtimes.  Find new episodes here .
Quiet: The Power of Introverts

If you have a child that is an introvert, this is the podcast for you. Hosted by author Susan Cain who wrote the bestselling book " Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking , this is a 10-part series focused on parenting introverts. Topics include how to support and encourage your introverted child. helping introverts thrive, and learning how to parent an introvert when you're an extravert, Click here to see list of episodes.
CCDS is a Place for Learning

Over the past few years, we have been fortunate to have many student teachers on our campus, learning alongside our classroom teachers. Student teachers complete their Bachelors and then apply for a credential program - one year of university coursework and an internship-like placement with a veteran teacher. Chico State is currently practicing a co-teaching method. When student teachers are in our classrooms, they are co-designing and teaching alongside their cooperating teachers throughout the semester. Our entire campus community is so fortunate to have these extra adults on campus who are supporting student learning.  

This upcoming semester, we'll have 13 student teachers on campus! As they are here learning, our teachers are also learning alongside them through reflection, observation, planning, and co-teaching. Later in the semester, under the supervision of the university and their CCDS cooperating teachers, the student teachers will plan and take over some of the teaching responsibilities. They will attend our exhibitions, student-led conferences, field work, and may even send out some classroom communication.
They are learning to become exceptional teachers with the support of our stellar CCDS staff. We are beginning to see CCDS alumni come through the student teaching program which is especially rewarding. It is wonderful to see our past students come full circle!

We feel so fortunate to have student teachers here and assist in their required training; CCDS is truly a place of learning, from our youngest students to most veteran teachers!
Join the Middle School theater cast and crew for this year's spring production, Into the Woods!

Based on the book by James Lapine with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, this enchanting musical is a combination of all our favorite fairy tale characters in one setting. This production will showcase some of our talented middle schoolers through singing, acting and set design.

Please join us on February 21 and 22 at 6:30 pm in the MS Common Area, and be ready to get swept away into fairytale land.

Tickets will be sold in advance beginning February 1 in both offices. Look for more information in future eflyers. Suggested donation for tickets is $5-individual, $20-family. Seating is limited, so plan to get your tickets early!
Social Emotional Book Corner
Highlighted are two books that open eyes to the challenges faced by adolescent girls and boys...both are full of great information and tips for parents! Pick the one that may be the best fit for you.

Reviving Ophelia addresses the development of adolescent girls. Starting with the role families (parent relationships, divorce) play in the development of girls, the book moves on to talk about the role of other social pressures and how all these influence the way girls find their identity as adults. This book can help you to support all the girls in your life as they grow up.

Real Boys looks into the current ‘crisis’ that our boys are experiencing as they develop into adults. The book examines the influences that families and society play and discusses strategies that boys may use to mask how they are really feeling. This book addresses a wide range of topics that and lets us know what boys are ‘really’ like.
Memory Project Delivers Love to Colombia School Children

Many of you have seen the incredible portraits of Colombian children created by 3rd graders and the Middle School Portrait Elective class. These are part of the "Memory Project" that our art program participated in. Check out this special video that we recently received from Colombia with a special thank you to our student artists!
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