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Kendra and I arrived safe last night in Montgomery, AL. It was a long drive from Texas, but well worth the effort. Once again a good man's position stands in jeopardy due to the moral confusion and tyranny that is raising its ugly head in America. Tomorrow is the hearing where the unelected Judicial Inquiry Commission will give legitimacy to a transvestite in his/her charge to remove Roy Moore from his position as Chief Justice in Alabama.

It is frivolous, arbitrary, and without merit. Yet, in our nation that now calls good, evil and evil, good, this fraudulent case moves forward. OSA saints are here to rally the local churches and call the citizens of Alabama to rise up and reject this nonsense and not only secure Roy Moore's position as Chief Justice, but vote for him to become the next Governor of Alabama.

Chief Justice Roy Moore is a godly statesmen that is doing his duty as a Lesser Magistrate. His example is so desperately needed today. We pray that other Judges, Governors, Legislators, and Sheriffs will be inspired to follow his example to reapply the Constitutional chain back on the Federal beast, restore law and order, and establish the necessary checks and balances our nation needs to preserve our liberty that is rooted righteousness and justice.

In about 2 hours, we will be taking our message to a busy intersection with signs and literature, then we will pray at the Supreme Court building where the "trial" will be held tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning, we will have a rally at noon to support Chief Justice Roy Moore and then hopefully make it in for the actual hearing. Please saturate what is happening here in Montgomery in much prayer. His is the last man standing against the immorality, injustice, and tyranny that is stalking America. God grants us the victory and may Roy Moore serve as a modern day Daniel.

As you recall, Daniel's enemies were jealous of his excellent spirit, wise behavior, and strong work ethic. They devised a plan to remove him from office and bring about his demise. They stated, "We shall not find any charge against this Daniel unless we find it against him concerning the law of his God" (Daniel 6:5).

Initially, it appeared their devious plan worked. Daniel was thrown in the lion's den where his enemies hoped for him to be devoured. And make no mistake about the vile nature of homosexuality, it is beastly. It seeks to devour any God honoring truth or person who upholds it in the public square. To their everlasting shame and demise, however, the pit they dug for Daniel, (Chief Justice Roy Moore) they fell into the same pit. The same rock they attempted to roll over Daniel (Chief Justice Roy Moore) is the same rock that rolled back on them. Daniel was removed from the lion's den and his enemies took his place and this time the lion's munched.

As individuals, I pray these confused folks who have been captured by this demonic lust find freedom through the love and truth of Jesus Christ. Their agenda to remake America in their perverted image, however, let that agenda fall into the pit that they have created. May the perverted agenda that seeks to make the good guys the bad guys wind up on the ash heap of history, along with every other tyrannical, blood lust of men who dared to defy and deny the authority of Almighty God in Jesus' mighty name!

Deputy Helps Couple Deliver Baby At Gas Station

Monday morning's ride to work delivered an unexpected surprise for Tarrant County Precinct 5 Deputy Constable Craig Diebold.

 The March is Not Over
Come to Wichita July 16-23 to stand in the gap and make up the hedge.
Justice is calling, will we answer the call?
New promotional video to promote our OSA Summer of Justice event in Wichita, KS. Please spread far and wide. Thanks!  
This is part of our labor of love in Arkansas this past weekend. We had the blessing to co-labor with the precious Childress family. The church in Arkansas needs to come along side and help them to deliver their state from blood guiltiness in Jesus' name!
God's 3 Fold Plan for Victory in the Midst of the Battle
Invite Friends on Facebook
To those who live in Kansas, to those who are coming or perhaps are thinking on coming to our national event in Wichita, can I ask a favor?  Please invite your friends on facebook to participate in the Summer of Justice event from July 16-23, 2016.
Thanks for your consideration in this Kingdom matter to end the holocaust in Wichita and beyond in Jesus' name!
Here is our facebook event page that you can lead them to find more information.
OSA's New Banners for Truth Truck
This next one will be our back panel.
This last one will go on the other side of the truck. We are one month away to D-day in the battle to end abortion in Wichita and beyond. We are going to try and hit the altars of Moloch from every angle possible. Your prayers, love, and support are vital to our Kingdom success. Thanks and I hope to see you there!

Here are two more documents to help promote the Summer of Justice national event in Wichita. Please spread them far and wide. Thanks! 
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Pastor Rob Rotola's Welcome and Invitation to Operation Save America
Our Host Church:
Word of Life Church
3811 North Meridian Ave. Wichita, KS 67204
Hotel Information:
5805 W. Kellogg, Wichita, KS 67209
We have 60 rooms reserved under the OSA block. The price is 79.99 per night.
Click on this link to hear powerful song concerning abortion.  
                                        What is in the Word Terrorism?
Biblical Worldview Concerning Death


Operation Save America
Operation Save America
Band of Brothers 250 STRONG at Planned Parenthood
Band of Brothers 250 STRONG at Planned Parenthood

The Emancipation Proclamation For The Pre-Born: Rev. Rusty Thomas
The Emancipation Proclamation For The Pre-Born: Rev. Rusty Thomas

Blood Guilt
Jackson Interview with Pastor Manning
Operation: "Let My People Go" In Jackson, Mississippi

Lower Magistrate Doctrine 
Lower Magistrate Doctrine

What is Operation Save America?
What is Operation Save America?
Blood Guiltiness and Abortion
Blood Guiltiness Doctrine by Rusty Lee Thomas
Blood Guiltiness Doctrine by Rusty Lee Thomas

Field Manual for Abortion Ministry
In the Field Manual for Abortion Ministry, Reverend Rusty Lee Thomas asks: "Does your heart break for the plight of the preborn child, made in the image of God? Does God's Word convict you to intervene, love your neighbor as yourself, be your brother's keeper, speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, and rescue those unjustly sentenced to death (Matthew 22:39; Genesis 4:9; Proverbs 31:8, 9; Proverbs 24:11, 12)? Are you living out your faith at the gates of hell, the place of child sacrifice and the shedding of innocent blood?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, Rev. Thomas, one of the premier leaders in the effort to end abortion, wants to welcome you to what he describes as "the battle."
The Field Manual will open your eyes to the horror of abortion and inspire actions informed by faith, hope, and charity to bring the message of Christ to those in need.

If any of you still want a hard copy or copies, send me back your address. There is no charge. Donations are accepted for shipping and handling. Once you read it, if you find any merit, please pass on this offer to others. Let the Gentle Revolution continue in Jesus' name!
One Minute For Liberty - Book Review: Abortion Violation by Rev. Rusty Thomas
One Minute For Liberty - Book Review: Abortion Violation by Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas
States of Refuge FINAL
States of Refuge Intro
You can order from the link above on Tate Publishing's website or you can order directly from us. if you plan on getting more than one copy, it would be better to order from us. Here is the breakdown of the discounts.
1 book-$25.00 plus shipping
3 books-$22.00 a copy, plus shipping.
5 books-$20.00 a copy, plus shipping
10 books or more-$18.00 a copy, plus shipping.
This has been a labor of love. Theologically, it pulls no punches. We pray the Lord use this book to touch hearts, change minds, and help defeat the culture of death savaging our nation in Jesus' mighty name!
If or when you read it, could you write us a short testimony or endorsement to help promote the book abroad? It will help for folks to write reviews once it hits Amazon and other outlets as well. Thank you!  
States of Refuge
Sign the Emancipation Proclamation for the Preborn Child
Operation Save America
Operation Save America

Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas

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