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APRIL 2017


Spring time is change time! Everything is alive!  Nature is hard at work busily transforming our landscape into a vibrant green carpet sprinkled with beautiful and fragrant blossoms and flowers.  Children are venturing outdoors to run and play.
Hope and change is in the air!  You can just feel it!   
Spring is a time of renewal, regrowth and rejuvenation.  Anything is possible with each new sunny day.  Hope and change is the work of CFGC.
Growth is a big part of CFGC and we are so excited to share all the happenings with you.  Please take a few minutes to catch up with us. Happy Spring! 

Brenda Hayward
Executive Director
Child & Family Guidance Center of Texoma
Welcome New Board Members & Officers
Board nominees Wendy Acosta and Jamie Ramey (not pictured) were sworn in as new board members.
2017 Slate of Officers: Treasurer Jana Endler, President Michelle Castle, Past President April Vaughn, President Elect Jon Rains, and Secretary Stacee Sloan-Caskey.
The Child & Family Guidance Center Board is comprised of an amazing group of community leaders who govern, advocate, support and promote the services of the Center. 
The Child & Family Guidance Center Board of Directors held their Annual Meeting at Fulbelli's on January 12th to celebrate 50 years of life changing work and swear in new board members and the 2017 slate of officers.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month
CFGC Staff Wearing Blue for the Cause 
In 2016 there were 589 reported cases of abuse or neglect in Grayson County.     
Please read more about how you can HELP PREVENT CHILD ABUSE!

JOIN US AND OTHER SOCIAL SERVICE AGENCIES ...   GO BLUE starting Friday, April 7th.  Wear blue every Friday in April to show your support of child abuse prevention and in honor and memory of all victims of child abuse. 
Source: Grayson County Welfare Board
 The Box House Story
In January the Center's new waiting room furniture arrived in huge card board boxes and all but one of the boxes made its way to the recycling bin.  Melinda Gossett, LPC, our amazing play therapist kept one of the large boxes and placed it in her office for her clients to play with thinking it would be destroyed soon and it would be done.
  Soon Melinda realized how many small children had no idea what to do with a box; most of them just ignored it. She told each of the kids as they came in that lots of other kids didn't know what to do with the box either.
One day a 10 year old female client (severely traumatized from an early age) commented that she knew exactly what to do with the large box and began to make what she titled a "Little Kid House."
Since that time the box is not just a box.  It has become a house with pretend pet dogs in their dog house and a lizard house, but most of all it has become an avenue by which kids are connecting with other kids to help heal their hurts.   
The children are writing notes to each other. As each kiddo adds to the house they give Melinda instructions as to what to say to the other kids. The children have never met each other.
One boy put a mailbox up and made a balloon face that was worried because he was lonely. Three other children have written him notes and put them in the mailbox to tell him he does not have to be lonely because they will be his friend.  They made happy balloon faces and taped them all around his balloon.
The girl who created the box has blossomed and continues to heal as she uses the box house to teach the younger kids how to heal too. She put stitches all over the box as a symbol that she and the other kids can heal from bad things and hurt feelings.   It is quite amazing what God has done with this simple act of kindness from a young girl who was believed to have no empathy for others.

The coolest way to support CFGC!

 Join us for a really fun and relaxing painting experience at Painting with a Twist on 
Thursday, April 20th 
from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. 

  50% of the Proceeds from your fun night out will directly benefit CFGC!  

CFGC transitions into a  Fully Integrated 
Trauma Informed Care Organization

In 2017, CFGC is striving to be a fully integrated trauma informed care organization. This project represents an extension of the significant work and impact CFGC has accomplished over  the past several years increasing access of mental healthcare for poor and working poor families.

 Our own extensive research throughout the past year has increased our understanding of the impact of poverty and several other toxic stressors, most especially trauma. Our research and increased knowledge of the impact of trauma in our client's lives is changing the direction of our treatment model and organization as a whole. It is estimated over 85% of CFGC client's served have been impacted by trauma. 

 Each day w e work to foster an environment that recognizes the importance of the people served, the significance of resilience and the ability of individuals, organizations and communities to heal and recovery from trauma. 

Our efforts over the next year will focus on extensive training to embrace, learn and implement  the trauma informed care model that has been adopted by the State of Texas through the  system of care initiative. 

While our clinical team is trained in trauma focused cognitive behavioral  therapy, we will increase our agency wide training efforts to become a trauma informed care  organization, inclusive of board of directors, volunteers, and clinical and administrative staff .   In addition, plans are currently underway to provide trauma informed trainings to our collaborative partners. 

Saturday, April 29 from 6 am - 10 am
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Save the Date...
2016 Starfish Benefit  
2016 Starfish Benefit
Mark your calendar and get ready to be inspired!
Plans are underway for the 6th Annual Starfish Benefit. 
Together...we are the Starfish Story!

 Click here to view our 2016 supporters.

Happy Thoughts!

Bloom where you are planted!