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April 2021
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Executive Director, Kelley Parris and Mayor Jane Castor 

Dear Partners and Advocates,  
April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and it is a time for us to remain vigilant and supportive of all children and families in Hillsborough County. In the state of Florida we are all mandatory reporters.  Preventing child abuse is everyone's job and I strongly encourage you to call the abuse hotline if you suspect a child is suffering from abuse or neglect by dialing 1-800-962-2873According to the CDC, one-in-seven children have experienced some form of child abuse and neglect. Each and every one of us has an obligation to support children and families that experience or have survived trauma in their lives. The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) study clearly illustrates the profound effect that experiencing abuse or neglect have on children for a lifetime.
During Covid-19 many families are staying at home and the traditional public spaces where children are seen and protected have been interrupted.  Schools, neighborhoods, family gatherings, places of worship and other public spaces have traditionally been environments where children and families are nurtured and cared for; these safe places have not been as easily accessible during the pandemic. If you see something say something; it is your obligation.
Our community has a multitude of agencies that are here to support families in crisis.  I encourage you to share or reach out to programs and services like your neighborhood Children's Board Family Resource Centers  or the  Crisis Center of Tampa Bay by dialing 2-1-1, that are in place to assist families that are feeling stressed and in crisis.
I would like to thank Mayor Jane Castor for turning City Hall Blue for Child Abuse Prevention Month and for speaking at our Press Conference! Mayor Castor is a true advocate and champion for our children.

My best, 

The Children's Board invests in partnerships and quality programs to support the success of all children and families in Hillsborough County.
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                UPCOMING GRANT OPPORTUNITIES!                  
The Children's Board of Hillsborough County will be releasing the following grants in the month of April: 

Leading Grant-Art Therapy Program; 

Leading Grant-Housing Counseling; 

Uniting Grant-Women Centered Wellness.


                                      VIRTUAL MANDATORY
                                       REPORTER TRAINING!                 

During the month of April, these are  some of the activities that we are doing to bring awareness to child abuse prevention month: 

  • Hosting a virtual mandatory reporter training live on our Facebook Page on April 13th at 5:30 pm

  • Launched a comprehensive billboard campaign in Hillsborough County to bring awareness to the issue

                                NEWS COVERAGE!                
We would like to thank the 50 community partners that have planted pinwheel gardens for the month of April for Child Abuse Prevention Month.  We appreciate your willingness to support our efforts as we work to bring awareness to preventing child abuse in our community.
Mary Lee's House was featured on ABC Action News sharing information about Child Abuse Prevention Month! Click the link to watch the interview! 
Child abuse prevention month showcasing local organization
Child abuse prevention month showcasing local organization

                                      SPRINGTIME ACTIVITIES!