As the weather turns warm and the sun shines more often, it is perfectly natural to head outdoors and plant a garden. Children love to dig in the dirt. Why not turn this desire into a productive and enjoyable learning experience by creating a garden at your child care? A garden provides opportunities for children to explore in nature, discover where foods come from, learn about science, and watch seeds grow into edible plants.

What children learn by gardening
  • How plants grow – water, air, sunshine, digging!
  • Preparing the ground – add compost in the spring; mulch in the fall; weed often
  • Caring for living things – be gentle, water, watch…
  • Benefits of bees, birds and worms birds and bees carry seeds; worms give the ground valuable nutrients
  • How fruits, vegetables, and herbs taste when freshly picked – yummy!
  • The value of patience – gardening is a lesson in delayed gratification