NH DHHS Announces the New Hampshire Child Care Recovery and Stabilization Program (CCRSP) Funding Opportunity
The application will be available June 4, 2020 at 9:00 am.
Dear Colleague;

Based on your feedback from the Thursday, May 29 DHHS webinar “GETTING THE INFORMATION AND RESOURCES YOU NEED FOR CHILD CARE RECOVERY AND STABILIZATION” and your response to the DHHS Child Care Recovery and Stabilization Program Funding (CCRSP) opportunity notification last evening ,  the following changes to the CCRSP have been made:
  1. As the CCRSP prequalification step, applications for ECCP will now be accepted up until Friday, June 5th at 11:59 pm. This extension is intended to provide additional time for child care and camp programs to successfully complete this important prequalification step.  The application is locate at http://nh.childcareaware.org/emergency-child-care-program-application/
  2. To be eligible for the CCRSP all programs must open by September 8th, 2020. This is a shift in the timeline from August 1st to September 8th to align with the school year schedule.
Also we wanted to clarify that as an ECCP provider, you are now able to serve employees of all open and reopening businesses, all children the program considers to be vulnerable, children that were enrolled with the program prior to COVID-19, and children of families who are working at home and in need of child care. ECCP programs and families are no longer required to provide self-attestation regarding need or family employment. Additionally, will be no self-attestation required for CCRSP funding.
Both the webinar and the funding notification are available on the CCAoNH website at  http://nh.childcareaware.org/recovery-stabilization/ .
Thank you,
The ECCP Team
Yale Child Study Center Survey Deadline Has Been Extended!

Yale was reporting over 70,000 responses on Saturday and, as of today, has hit over 80,000.
This will be one of the largest occupational epidemiological studies ever attempted.
It is the only study happening that is attempting to answer the question as to whether child care and school reopenings actually contribute to COVID-19 spread, what the real level of risk is for the workforce, and what strategies have been effective in reducing their risk. In light of this information, Yale has decided to extend the deadline for another week until June 8, 2020.