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What is going on in the City of Lancaster, Ohio?  This is the question that thousands of people are asking as the story went viral this week in social media, and radio.

Last Sunday, Ohio Value Voters received information of this incident taking place in the City of Lancaster, Ohio. The Mayor and city officials have turned a blind eye to this situation.  

Former Ohio Senate candidate Melissa Ackison, who has been leading the effort to shed light and expose the incident, describes the situation in a full report that is now posted on our website.

Melissa begins her report with this: " I received notification via Facebook postings, of a minor child performing in scantily clad women's/girl's clothing for adult men and women. The photographs of the incident, along with the original article, featured a small child dancing for adult men and women in what appeared to be a bar while wearing a pink leotard with black fringe trim, fishnet stockings, a woman's wig, high-heel booties, and full makeup." 

You can watch the video, listen to the interview, and read Melissa Ackison's incident report on our website:  What is going on in the City of Lancaster?

Once you have reviewed the information please contact the City of Lancaster Law Director and demand an investigation.

Randall T. Ullom
City of Lancaster 

Law Director & City Prosecutor 
Phone: 740-687-6616

Also contact Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost
800-282-0515 or visit his website:

Ohio Revise Code 2919.22 Endangering Children

(B) No person shall do any of the following to a child under eighteen years of age or a mentally or physically handicapped child under twenty-one years of age:

(5) Entice, coerce, permit, encourage, compel, hire, employ, use, or allow the child to act, model, or in any other way participate in, or be photographed for, the production, presentation, dissemination, or advertisement of any material or performance that the offender knows or reasonably should know is obscene, is sexually oriented matter, or is nudity-oriented matter

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