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Child-Led Play &



December 2022

Welcome to the first edition of this newsletter!

Given the evidence of play and extended time in nature in all seasons,

we provide monthly resources, research, and ideas for child-led play

(inside and outside) and nature for ELRCs 8, 9 and 10.

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Five Essentials to Meaningful Play

When you think back on your childhood, what happy play memories come to mind? Are our children experiencing the same kind of joy, meaning, and family bonding in their play?

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Fresh Air, Fun, and Exploration: Why Outdoor Play Is Essential for Healthy Development

Educating children in nature is an essential part of active, engaging, and comprehensive learning. While not a new concept or approach, direct and sustained interactions with nature may be increasingly important for children’s development today.

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Dressing Children for Winter

Winter is coming! And even in the slush, sleet and snow, spending time outside is essential for our overall well-being Giving our children four full seasons of meaningful time outdoors unlocks mental, physical and emotional growth that is too important to miss. But identifying and affording the right gear (not to mention getting it on our children) can be daunting. *A great article to share with your families!

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Loose Parts Play

"Loose parts" is a wonderful term coined by architect Simon Nicholson, who carefully considered landscapes and environments that form connections. Nicholson believed that we are all creative and that “loose parts” in an environment will empower our creativity. Many play experts and early childhood educators adapted the theory of loose parts.

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Featured Book:

Last Child in the Woods (Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder)

Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder is a 2005 book by author Richard Louv that documents decreased exposure of children to nature in American society and how this "nature-deficit disorder" harms children and society.

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Featured article:

Play-based learning for children encouraged by educators (2018)

Recent years have seen a push for play-based learning in early education centres worldwide.

In fact, it’s part of New York state’s new standards for early learners, encouraging play and “active, joyful engagement”. It’s nothing new for early-learning researchers, as years of research have shown just how important play is for early childhood development, and they have suggested incorporating it into early education.

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Access our Nature-Based Play Resource List on the Keystone Kids Go website.

Check out "Inspiring Nature-Based Early Learning" webinar here.

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Technical Assistance Coach Elizabeth Marcello and Outdoor Learning & Play Consultant Susan Chlebowski can partner with you to provide center-based or individual classroom coaching and professional development in the topics of play-based learning, nature-based learning, classroom management and challenging behavior support, or innovative solutions to barriers. Complete a Coaching Request through your PD Registry Organization Page to request coaching.

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