Issue #4
May 1, 2019
Keep Our Children SAFE!
P layground Safety

Playgrounds are a great place for kids to get some exercise and socialize with their friends. I used to love to go to the playground in the small town where I grew up. It was a large property with a lot of playground equipment, baseball fields, a running track, hiking trails, and shelter houses. I also enjoyed playing with my friends at recess in the school playground. Those memories were among the best that I had as a small child.
Playgrounds today can be even more fun than they were when I was a child. Many more equipment options exist today than several decades ago. However, because playgrounds are a known place for children to congregate they can be an area that draws those who want to prey on children. Parents cannot assume that playgrounds are a safe place for children like they were when I was a child. That is why children should supervised at all times when they are playing in a park. This is also true when they are playing on our preschool or main playgrounds. We prefer that those adults have been through our child protection program and are aware of the warning signals of a child predator. Being publicly accessible, we do not want to create an unsafe situation or an opportunity for someone to rob a child’s future memories of an innocent, fun time with their friends.

Steve Morris
Approved Volunteers

When organizing an official St. Charles activity involving children, please check the list below to make sure that your adult volunteers are approved to serve with children. For legal reasons, St. Charles Parish cannot publish a list of people who are prohibited from volunteering around children due to abuse. If an adult volunteer is not on the approved volunteer list, it could be for a variety of reasons. Most of the time it means that the person got behind on their bulletins and became inactive. Please have your volunteer contact Steve Morris and he can help resolve the issue. If your volunteer has not attended a Virtus ® class, please have them visit Virtus Online to create a Virtus ® account and sign up for a Child Protection training class. Training times and locations can be found under the training tab by clicking on the Live Training link.

The May Virtus bulletin will be published on May 6, 2019
What to do...

If you witness or even suspect child abuse in any form, call 911 immediately!

Then, if the abuse took place on parish property, please contact Steve Morris at (937) 401-0521. Every report will be investigated by the Police, Child Protective Services, and/or St. Charles Parish and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati! Remember, you are a key part of our Child Protection team!
Stay Up-to-Date on VIRTUS ® Training
The VIRTUS ® program is designed to educate our volunteers and parishioners on important child safety concerns. Knowledge is power but only when you put it to good use.
I f something doesn't seem right—let us know!
Thank you for your efforts toward protecting our children.

Stephen B. Morris
Business Manager
937-401-0521 (direct)
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