Issue #8
September 18, 2019
Keep Our Children SAFE!

This month’s Virtus bulletin was about doxing – that is collecting private information about a person and posting it on the internet as a form of harassment. The ramifications of posting private information through social media and internet websites are startling! The article suggested that you use strong passwords on your social media accounts and that you use a different email address for each social media service that you use. The article also suggested that readers take certain steps to protect themselves by adjusting the privacy settings of social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. However, the article failed to instruct readers on how to adjust those settings. For many of us, changing those settings is not intuitive. As an aid, Anna Godby, our Parish Communications Coordinator, created a set of instructions on how to adjust the privacy settings on these social media accounts. Please take a few minutes to update social media security settings for yourself and your children. If you are unaware of how to adjust these settings, please follow the link below for more information.

Instructions on how to change your social media privacy settings can be found by clicking here .

School Building Access Policy Changes

For the safety of our St. Charles School students, faculty and parish employees, we have recently updated our school building access protocol. Below outlines the policies that are currently in effect:

  1. Building key fob access will only be granted to St. Charles parish employees, auxiliary school staff, certain approved vendors, and parish approved volunteers. If anyone loses their "approved" status their key fob will be inactivated. To regain key fob access, you must establish approved volunteer status again by contacting the parish business office.
  2. Access to the school building will be granted for specific times and date-ranges for approved functions. For example, CYO coaches will only have access to the PAC after school and weekends during their sports season.
  3. School building use for meetings and practices must be scheduled through our parish online calendar. The meeting organizer is responsible for the safety of all meeting participants and their guests. Event participants and their guests are restricted to the reserved space only and should not enter other areas of the school building. The meeting organizer is also responsible for cleaning up the reserved space when they are finished.
  4. School building access is for "officially sanctioned" activities only. Personal use of the facility, including the PAC, is strictly prohibited.
  5. School building access will be restricted to administration only during school holidays and severe weather events. Lockdown protocol will be implemented during those times for anyone who has key fob access, including faculty and staff. In the case of severe weather, an announcement will be posted on local TV and radio stations and on our parish website announcing the closure. The message will be updated on our parish website when the facilities are available again for general use.
  6. The school building will have restricted access in June and July for cleaning and maintenance. Bible Camp in June will be one of only a few exceptions to this policy.
  7. School building access is prohibited during religious events held in the church building. These include weekend masses, holy day masses, and liturgical music events.

Violations of these facility access policies may result in temporary or permanent loss of building access and use privileges. Please contact the parish business office for clarification of these policies.
Approved Volunteers

When organizing an official St. Charles activity involving children, please check the list below to make sure that your adult volunteers are approved to serve with children. For legal reasons, St. Charles Parish cannot publish a list of people who are prohibited from volunteering around children due to abuse. If an adult volunteer is not on the approved volunteer list, it could be for a variety of reasons. Most of the time it means that the person got behind on their bulletins and became inactive. Please have your volunteer contact Steve Morris and he can help resolve the issue. If your volunteer has not attended a Virtus ® class, please have them visit Virtus Online to create a Virtus ® account and sign up for a Child Protection training class. Training times and locations can be found under the training tab by clicking on the Live Training link.

The next Virtus bulletin will be published on October 6, 2019
What to do...

If you witness or even suspect child abuse in any form, call 911 immediately!

Then, if the abuse took place on parish property, please contact Steve Morris at (937) 401-0521. Every report will be investigated by the Police, Child Protective Services, and/or St. Charles Parish and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati! Remember, you are a key part of our Child Protection team!
Stay Up-to-Date on VIRTUS ® Training

The VIRTUS ® program is designed to educate our volunteers and parishioners on important child safety concerns. Knowledge is power but only when you put it to good use.
I f something doesn't seem right—let us know!
Stephen B. Morris
Business Manager
937-401-0521 (direct)
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