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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education
Implementation Guidance for MO School Districts
New Requirement for Child Sexual Abuse Education in MO Public Schools
Beginning in school year 2020-21, a new Missouri law requires school districts to provide trauma-informed, developmentally appropriate sexual abuse training, minimally for grades 6 through 12. (Section 170.045, RSMo)

Read on (and check our our new School Based Education page) to learn more about the requirement and how to implement it in your community. While the requirement is for schools, there is a role for community partners, including parents, in making this effort successful.
DESE Guidance and Training Materials
Over the past year, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) developed guidance materials for child sexual abuse prevention training in collaboration with the Missouri Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children, led by Missouri KidsFirst. The Education Subcommittee, comprised of a group of multidisciplinary partners with a wide range of expertise in prevention, collaborated in creating it.
The guidance document:

  • outlines the requirements for child sexual abuse prevention training
  • explores approaches to child sexual abuse prevention education
  • provides guidance on working with partners and choosing training programs
  • highlights the importance of health education, and shares best practices
  • the Appendix provides a list of programs and resources School Districts can use to meet the new legal requirement
NEW Webinars
 DESE and partners created a series of content specific webinars to assist schools and community partners with understanding and implementing the requirement for child sexual abuse prevention training.
Part 1- Introduction and DESE Guidance Overview
Part one of the Child Sexual Abuse Education series provides an introduction and overview of the Missouri statute, the importance of sexual abuse prevention education in schools and the role schools can play in response to ending and preventing child sexual abuse in their community, and resources to support schools with implementation of the legislation.
Part 2- Sexual Abuse Prevention Education Framework and Teaching Considerations
Part two of the Child Sexual Abuse Education webinar series provides information on the importance of comprehensive school-based health education, best practice approaches and principles of prevention, details of the education framework, content delivery teaching considerations and practical tips, and supportive teaching resources.
Part 3- Implementing a Trauma -Informed Approach to Teaching Sexual Abuse Education
Part three of the Child Sexual Abuse Education webinar series provides information on what it means to provide trauma-informed sexual abuse education, how to handle disclosures, the legal responsibilities as a mandated reporter in Missouri, and available trauma-informed resources for school staff.
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