Virtual STEM is Here!
Help us inspire and persevere

The pandemic has brought about many crises: in health, food, the economy, and in the education and mental well-being of our children. I’m grateful for our team of STEM educators and their dedication, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. They’ve worked tirelessly to make our fun, hands-on programs, virtual – who would have dreamed that was possible? Now more than ever, we need to spark young minds and provide educational resources to the community. Online school has been a challenge for our children, parents and educators. Everyone is working hard to make learning happen in these difficult times. 

We are here to help. Since closing the Lab on March 13, our team has reached thousands of children by providing STEM learning and fun with dozens of YouTube videos, bi-weekly Facebook Live animal encounters, and six weeks of virtual camp. One mom shared that our virtual camp “put a spring back in her step” for her young daughter. Our virtual camps go beyond STEM learning and create community connections while providing fun and purpose. We all need that right now, especially our kids! 

We're asking for your help to spread the word so we can inspire many more! We are re-engineering our entire summer camp program from in-person to virtual. Next week, you will receive our Virtual Camp Guide. Please share with friends, family and colleagues. With many summer activities cancelled or closed, families are looking for fun, engaging, social experiences for their children and we are ready to help.

When we closed the Lab a few months ago, we lost ALL of our earned revenue, which makes up 50% of our operating budget after donations. We must remain closed until later phases of re-opening occur, yet we are determined to continue fulfilling our mission!

These camp sales are critical for our ongoing operations and will keep our fantastic team of STEM educators doing what they do best.  Thank you for helping promote our efforts and sustain our mission!

In gratitude,