We Stand for Community
We Stand against Racial Injustice 

From the earliest days of our founding, the Children’s Science Center has stood for community and creating a science center with open arms and doors to serve every child, every family, and every school in our community. The past two weeks have been a stark reminder to every American and every organization that we still have much to overcome to truly become a community that is open, equal, and accessible to all. And in this moment, specifically for the Black community, we all must dig deeper and work harder to effect change.

Museums play a special role in gathering and educating communities. Many show exhibits that challenge citizens to think more deeply about major issues, including racial injustice. Yet museum audiences, workforce, and leadership have yet to fully or consistently reflect all of the members of our community. While we continue to make diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion a priority, it is clear, now more than ever, that we must redouble our efforts.

We are creating a plan of action, including diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion training for all of our staff and leaders. We acknowledge that the need is far from fulfilled, and we will not rest by simply doing what we’ve always done. We are committed to stepping up to do more. On behalf of the Children’s Science Center board and staff, we vow to be a catalyst for lasting change.