The Lab That Could!
A Perseverance Story

When our world turned sideways three months ago, we talked about the word perseverance, inspired by a youth from Northern Virginia that chose that name for NASA’s next Mars rover. We didn’t know what lay ahead with the pandemic and hoped we only needed a few months of patience. It’s clear now that we must put true patience to the test, as this will not end quickly.
I’ve always loved the perseverance story of The Little Engine That Could and often felt the blue engine was a kindred spirit to the Children’s Science Center’s own story: the little science center that could make it up the mountain and deliver so much good to children on the other side. We have climbed a few mountains over the years, and we have persevered. Now is the next chapter in the story. We never dreamed that we would have to change everything about how we deliver our mission to survive. Yet thanks to donors, volunteers, members and our incredibly creative staff, our little science center is persevering. While we have a ways to go, we will not give up.
And we are not alone in this story. We are fast becoming a nation and globe of little blue engines with more than one great mountain to climb. We will all remember and retell stories of this time about overcoming the odds by marshalling the power within each of us to persevere and bring good to humanity. I think my favorite part of the story will be that science won!