Happy Fall Mamas!
Wow, what a Summer! I hope you all had some R&R.

My daughter was home for most of it and we had a blast doing all the things we love to do in San Francisco together: eat great food, go to the movies and to the beach (not in SF) and of course go to the the Korean spa. She even assisted me at my pelvic floor womens retreat at 1440. It was so fun, I'm doing it again. My boy was in Kenya for 5 weeks and had a amazing time. It was an eventful summer but I'm glad to be back in the routine that September  brings.  I'm excited for fall --- school is back in session and the best of our weather here in SF returns! 

This year I've been busy putting my passion for women's pelvic floor health into unique events like retreats (the next one is March 2019 - details below)
 ⬇️ AND a NEW teacher training in SF (May 2019!) - registration is coming soon.

+++ The early bird deadline expires on Mon, 9/10 for my Mama Tree Level 1 Prenatal Teacher Training in SF! Learn more here.

In this Fall newsletter : Childbirth Prep Tips from Lydia Waggoner, The Pelvic Floor + True Core Weekend Returns to 1440 this March, NEW Pelvic Floor Teacher Training in May, plus get 3 Self Care Tips from Acupuncturist Nicole Fugo Zibelman, my latest book recommendation + more! 

Hope to see you soon!

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Jane Recommends - Mama Resources

3 Self Care Tips for Fall
+ Jane's Fav Natural Deodorant

by  Acupuncturist & Mama Wellness Specialist, Nicole Fugo Zibelman LAc

"As we transition away from the height of busy Summer into the return of Fall, it is the perfect time to start creating space for rebalancing the Yin (internal/stillness) in our lives. In our fast pace culture, and non-stop lives as mamas, a dedication to taking care of yourself is essential for wellness, balance and longevity.   

Here are my top 3 tips for end of Summer Yin Restoration:

1. Honor your Natural Rhythm
With the return of an earlier sunset, honor the call to an earlier bedtime (not just for the babies and kiddos- but you too!).  If you have an infant or small child who frequently wakes up at night, nap, if possible, or enjoy a few minutes in restorative yoga poses like Savasana or Supta Baddha Konasana.   

2. Reestablish Your Lifestyle Rituals
During the busy times of summer, it's common to let your healthy eating patterns, exercise/yoga practice, meditation, and well, just about all of the normal rituals fall to the wayside.  With the return of a more steady schedule, it's time to recommit to those important practices like eating regular healthy meals (filled with organic veggies, fruits, adequate protein and healthy fats), adequate hydration, and getting some movement in, whether it be yoga, hiking, dancing, etc.    
3. Make Space for Space
We live in a culture of multitasking, compounded by the necessity to fit it all in as parents, so making space for space is essential .   Consider simple ways, like taking a pause at a red light to simply check in with yourself without popping on your cellphone to check emails; eating your breakfast without perusing social media; or, it could be as simple as taking 3 deep breaths.  Make space to be in your body in the present moment.

These three simple steps seem easy enough, now you just need to commit yourself to following through.  Take a deep breath... you can do it."

Nicole "Nika" Fugo Zibelman is a Five Element Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Yoga Teacher specializing in Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum Wellness and a Mama of two little girls.   She is the owner & director of the Luma Center, a Wellness & Yoga Center, in Petaluma California.

Nika is also a small batch, medicine maker and retails her own line of natural deodorant cream
(in a glass jar to reduce plastic waste). You can purchase her deodorant in Petaluma at The Luma Center or online here

Mention this newsletter and save 10% off your first order!

FREE Parenting Classes at City College SF's Mission Center
1125 Valencia St. SF 

- Questions about your baby?
- Want to meet other parents and caregivers?
- Want to learn about your child's development?

Spaces are available in City College's parenting class for parents and caregivers of children younger than 15 months . Bring your child.

Enrollment is ongoing. Register on your first day in class.

This is a unique opportunity to meet other parents and caregivers of children close to the same age as yours.
Participants observe their babies and discuss their concerns and share experiences in a class led by a City College Child Development Instructor.

Mondays 12:30 to 2:45 for babies younger than 8 months (non-mobile).  
Taught by Frankie Duhl (contact: 
fduhl@ccsf.edu )

Wednesdays 12:30 to 2:45 for children from 8 to 14 months.            
Taught by Nancy Gnass (contact: 
ngnass@ccsf.edu )

Thursdays 12:30 to 2:45 for children from 8 to 14 months.              
Taught by Nancy Gnass (contact: 
ngnass@ccsf.edu )

Childbirth Prep Tips 
by Lydia Waggoner

"1. Move in Tune with Your Body
Enter labor with optimal levels of nature's pain relievers and feel-good hormones - endorphins!

Women who exercise regularly throughout pregnancy can boost:
  • Overall levels of endorphins before the big day
  • Energy, mood, and self-image
  • Healthy posture, respiration, circulation, and muscle tone, strength, and endurance
Whether it's yoga, swimming, dancing, or a walk in the park, aim for 30 minutes (3-7 days per week).

2. Envelop Yourself in Support
Beyond choosing a birth team aligned with your needs, consider who will support you and how they will support you after baby is born.

Begin to make arrangements for:
- nourishing meals
- rest and sleep
- baby feeding support
- errands and chores
- advice and companionship
- childcare for older children

With a postpartum plan in place, you will be prepared to receive what you need.

3. Lighten Your Load
Assess how much you've been carrying and identify what needs to be released.  Throughout pregnancy, notice which places inside of you need extra care. 

When doubt creeps in, talk to your baby.  Tell baby exactly how much you love 'em. And how you're taking extra good care of yourself to pave a path of joy and ease for the both of you."

Lydia Fong Waggoner is a yoga teacher and a childbirth educator who is passionate about supporting women in having the safest and most satisfying birth experience.

* * 2 Specials for Jane's Students * *
Semi-private Childbirth Preparation Classes
Register for one of Lydia's Semi-private (maximum of 5 couples), Childbirth Preparation Class Series with promo code "MamaTree" to receive $50 off. Receive $75 off when you register with another couple.

Choose-Your-Own-Price Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Consulting Services
Choose to be 1 of only 3 families who enjoy:
- An initial consultation to identify your needs
- Educational and emotional support until birth, through birth, and 2 weeks after birth
- Support during active labor at home
- Continued support at the hospital, birth center, or home until you give birth
- Photo documentation of your labor and birth
- An organic, home-cooked postpartum meal tailored to your family's dietary needs

The cost?
I invite you to reciprocate in way that resonates with you.
Yes, you read that correctly. Between now and the day I deliver your organic, home-cooked meal to your home, *you* determine exactly how and to what degree your reciprocate for my services.

Only 3 families will receive these services. Please contact me as soon as possible if you think you might be interested.

Learn more about Lydia, her classes, and her services at www.UrbanCrunchyMama.com.  
Jane's Book Review ---
"The Fourth Trimester" by Kimberly Ann Johnson

"Kimberly Ann Johnson's book The Fourth Trimester is a must read for women looking for a holistic, compassionate and very practical advise for new mamas. 

She brings to this book her experience as a doula, health educator, yoga teacher and body worker as well her knowledge of healing traditions from China and India.
Many pregnant women will spend time and energy to educated themselves about pregnancy and childbirth but very few, in my experience, give much thought to preparing for postpartum. Unfortunately we have a health care system that, in my option, abandons women once their babies are born. Insurance for most people covers ONE postpartum visit. Ugh, don't get me started! She is basically left on her own to figure out how the manage and care for herself at one of the most vulnerable times in a woman's life. 

 It is because of the virtual lack of care and attention that Kimberly's book is so important. It includes birth preparation suggestions however the bulk of the information and insight is about how to prepare for life after the birth. She offers remedies to help heal and rebuild the body but also provides insight into the complex and sometimes conflicting emotions that are common in the postpartum period. Kimberly has also worked extensively in the field of human sexuality and includes information about sex and intimacy for postpartum couples. She share her years of experience in every page of this book. If you are pregnant get your hands on this book. If have pregnant friends or family members this book would be a great shower gift, It is invaluable."

Labrinyth Walk: Thurs, September 20
Mark your calendars for the 3rd Thursday 
Starting at 11:45am at  Grace Cathedral
(1100 California Street @ Taylor in SF)

Join Jane Austin and Sue Baelen. We'll gather at 11:45 am and begin walking at noon as the bells start to ring. This is a time for quiet reflection, and a chance to put aside all the thoughts and chatter that busy our minds and distract us from connecting to our authentic selves.

Walking the labyrinth is an ideal way to actively meditate during pregnancy, and another step in preparing for birth.

Everyone is welcome to this FREE event.
Classes, Events & Immersions w/Jane 
Mama Tree Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Level 1

The training will explore yoga as a tool in preparation for not only childbirth, but for motherhood!

Immerse yourself in the study of yoga for the childbearing year! This comprehensive training will include how to teach yoga to women in all stages of pregnancy and throughout the early stages of postpartum. 

My Mama Tree prenatal training is unparalleled and like no other prenatal programs out there. 

"So much more than learning prenatal variations in yoga."
~Erika Montana, Yoga Teacher - Yoga Tree (San Francisco, CA)

Start your journey. 5 day prenatal immersion.
Early Bird Deadline - Save $100 by Sep 10th! 

NOTE: Whether or not you have the goal to teach, this training is also a fit for you if you work with women in any capacity (doula, midwife, obstetrician + gynecologists, massage therapists, etc.). Also, mamas looking for ways to deepen their own practice will find a lot of benefit in this immersion as will yoga teachers from every discipline.
Jane's  Women's Retreat Returns to 
1440 Multiversity!

Finding Your True Core: Yoga + Your Pelvic Floor 
March 1 - 3, 2019

Starting as young women many of us have not been taught about our true core or the importance of a healthy pelvic floor. Unfortunately most of us ignore our pelvic floor not realizing its important role in our overall health until something happens (often unpleasant) to force us to pay attention.

You will learn movement and breath techniques to help bring more awareness and vitality to these deep foundational tissues. Regardless of your age or ability you are invited to tap into this power resting in your true core.

Beginners and seasoned yoga practitioners are welcome. Tell your mama friends, your sister and mom about this nourishing + healing weekend!

Practice Online with Jane : MoveWith.com (7 days free)!
Check out ALL of classes (for mamas + non mamas) on  MoveWith.com
AND email me with any requests you have for online classes via MoveWith!

Featured Videos: Prenatal Shoulder Work, Prenatal Sleep Aid, Soft and Strong,
Yoga for Busy Moms, Finding Your Pelvic Floor, Happy Hamstrings + many more.
In Studio:
Mon, Wed & Fri
10:30am - Noon 
+ Saturday
9:30 - 10:55am
at Yoga Tree Valencia
(Temporary Pop Up Location: 1470 Valencia bet 25th & 26th) 

Mon, Wed & Fri
12:05 - 1:30pm 
at Yoga Tree Valencia
(Temporary Pop Up Location:
1470 Valencia bet 25th & 26th

Prenatal Partners Available Online!

I'm thrilled to offer my extremely popular Prenatal Partners Birth Prep Workshop online through Udemy.com. Purchase this digital version to practice what you learned in person 

OR take it for the very first time if you cannot make it to the workshops in San Francisco
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$30 ($10 off)

Prenatal Yoga DVD Now Streaming on Amazon.com
My most popular one-hour yoga practice can be used throughout pregnancy to maintain strength and flexibility, and prepare both mind and body for childbirth. 

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