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Wow! Spring is upon us, and at Buddings, it's coming in like a lion! 
Not in the bad weather way, but rather in the sense that it's pouring kids and 
tots! The Buddings garden is starting to sprout (figuratively and literally!), and 
we're super excited to announce our new activity calendar, full of fun stuff for 
kids of all ages. 

There's more on that and more, so read on! 


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Activity Calendar Rolls Out!
Buddings for Spring Break
Packing your Buddy Bag
Immunization Clinics in March
Activity Calendar Rolls Out!

We've had lots of families asking us when the best times to come in are, and what kind of programming will be happening. Now that we've had a couple of months to get to know the kids, we're in a better position to answer those questions. 

Starting on March 5, you'll notice something a little different about the home page and the booking calendar. Every afternoon, from 1pm - 5pm, we'll be scheduling a regularly recurring day for all our favourite things:
  • Concoctions (Cooking & Science)
  • The Imaginarium
  • Stories & Games
  • Music & Movement
  • Messy Art Day
If you already know your child loves splashing around in paint, Messy Art Day might be her new favourite thing ever. Or she may discover a new love every day of the week!

Got a great idea for a group activity? We're open to ideas from everywhere. Send us a note!

Buddings for Spring Break!

Did you know Buddings is an option for Kindergarden kids for Spring Break and PD Days? It's true! When the schools close down, Buddings is a great place to make sure your kindergarden kids still have a fun place to learn and explore.  
Our weeks are filling up with special activities and, with Spring Break running for two weeks at some elementary schools, Buddings might be a great compliment for the other camps and family fun you've got planned. For information about Spring Break schedules, contact Talia.

Don't forget, if you refer families with kindergardeners to Buddings, they get their first visit free, and you get 10% off your next package!
Packing your Buddy Bag 

It's not deja vu, we're running this list a second time because we've had so many new families signing up this month that the list of what to bring for a Buddings visit is worth repeating... 

  • Shoes or grippy soled slippers for inside, especially if it's yucky outside. The tile floor can be slippy in socks!
  • Some healthy snacks - in a lunch box or bag
  • A water bottle or drink cup with water or milk
  • Diaper kit if necessary, including diapers, wipes, and cream
  • A change of clothes in case of emergencies

Having a backpack or bag keeps everything together, and when you arrive, the whole kit can go into one of the cubbies under the bathroom window for easy access to snacks and toilets.  

Spot Light


As you may know, biking is a big part of the Buddings culture, and now that the weather is starting to get warm, maybe you and your buddy might like to get out there, too! Bobike is a Dutch company that makes the most comfy-cozy, crazy cool bike seats ever! They're stylish and safe, and mount on any kind of bike. You can check them out at Saf & Benjamin in Yaletown, or online.

Immunization Check
If your child will be entering kindergarten this Sept., the Three Bridges Community Health Centre at 1292 Hornby St. is hosting immunization clinics during Spring Break.  If you're not sure which shots are needed, visit their website for more information. Call 604-714-3461 if you'd like to make an appointment for:
  • Tuesday, Mar. 13, AM
  • Wednesday, Mar. 14, PM
  • Tuesday, Mar. 20, AM
  • Wednesday, Mar. 21, PM
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