Palm Sunday Morning
Palm Sunday Is Outside This Weekend
Starting Palm Sunday, we plan on having our 9AM child-friendly service back up and running in-person on a weekly basis through the rest of the school year (fingers crossed). Thank you for your patience! Palm Sunday will be outside (weather permitting - we have tents, but may need to move inside if it rains too heavy). If you're not comfortable returning to in-person worship just yet, that's okay! You can drive thru that morning to pick up your blessed Palm Branches, along with a craft idea. Either way, you can sign up using the green button link. There will also be a Godly Play Story Time and Parents' Exchange at 10:30AM via Zoom. The stories will be available on the website/YouTube channel, too.
Palm Sunday At Home
Community News
Easter Egg-Stravaganza
Instead of an Easter Egg Hunt this year, we'll be doing an Easter Egg-stravaganza! Masked, socially distanced, family pod by family pod. After a short outdoor worship service, families will go through a number of stations/stops where they will receive clues. At the end of the route, there will be the famous "egg machine" and treat bags! Please reach out to Rev. Dan+ if you have any questions in the meantime.
St. Patrick's Day Recap
Thank you to everyone who joined us for the St. Patrick's Day Party! We had a lot of fun! We watched a cartoon, made crafts that taught us about the Trinity, and ate Irish Potatoes! In case you missed it, here is the link to the video we watched about St. Patrick!
Congratulations, Livi!
Livi Stites recently completed the Dismantling Racism curriculum offered by the Office of Youth Ministry from the Diocese. This was no small feat as it involved two all day sessions on February 21st and March 6th. There will be another chance to take the course later on this year. If you'd like your student to participate in this training, please reach out to Rev. Dan+
March Birthdays!
If your child has a March birthday, but it's not in our records, please contact Rev. Dan+ at:
Virtual Pet Show Winners
Charlotte & Bella - Best Promoter of St. Paul's YouTube Channel

Peyton & Nibbles - Best Wheel Runner

Luke & Oreo - Best Low Battery Smoke Detector Inspector
Luke & Denden - Wisest Face

Sadie Tullo - Best Mail Carrier Welcome Crew

Sara & Kona - Best Beach Buddy

Sam & Amelia - Best Rep of All Reptiles/Best Rodent Catcher

Teddy & Bruegger - Best Friend to Dogs, Rabbits, & Cats

Gabriel & Julius - Best Hider (Hide & Seek Category)

Alea & Twoey - Best Swaddled Baby Impersonator

Alex & Buffy - Best Swaddled Cat Impersonator

Ava & Jackson & Champ - Best Seeker (Hide & Seek Category)

Kali & Colton & Bumbles - Best Singer
Kali & Colton & Peanut - Best Whiner

Dan+ & Porkchop - Most Relaxed Sleeper (Missing Teeth, Exposed Tongue Division)

Thank you to all who participated. Come on Easter Sunday at 9AM to receive your ribbon!
Our Diocese Made The Local News!
One of our outreach partners, St. Luke's Germantown, hosted a diocesan vaccine clinic for all clergy and essential church staff last Saturday, March 13th. Thank you to St. Luke's and DioPA for offering this opportunity. This brings us one step closer to getting back to some sense of normalcy at church!
Children Having Trouble Going To Sleep?
A meditative evening podcast for children ages 5-12 years-old and the whole family. Each week explores a spiritual theme - what does it mean to children? what does the Bible say about it? - and ends with a meditation and evening prayer that encourages children to relax into sleep surrounded by God's love. Written and produced by Joyce Chanay and Hope Newhouse, Sunday School parents and parishioners of The American Cathedral in Paris. Featuring music by the Choirs of The American Cathedral in Paris.
CYF Update
We received approval for our plan to hold an Easter Egg-stravaganza on Easter Sunday Morning. More details above! We're also continuing to discuss how we will raise money for the Standing Rock Reservation Project. If you have any ideas, please email Rev. Dan+.
Rev. Dan Kline+ is available to help you get connected, and he can be reached by e-mail at
Stay connected.