Last Sunday at EYC, we had an introduction to Global Philanthropy Leaders, a longterm service opportunity for grades 6 and above. The goal of GPL is to empower adolescents to think about giving and stewardship in sustainable, life-giving ways through micro-lending.

Next week, I will share the GPL Covenant agreement, which lays out expectations for the program. Here are the basics:
  • We meet the first Sunday of the month during EYC (5pm-7pm). Dinner is provided.
  • Each participant is expected to contribute $25 (scholarships available).
  • St. John's and the Diocese will also provide funds, so that each participant has sufficient money to make multiple loans throughout the year.
  • Over the course of the year, we will loan small amounts of money (microloans) through Kiva, a microlending site. Each week, we will read and reflect on Scripture, do activities, and check on our loans.