Let's connect! <3

Everyone, you are invited to print and color these Valentines (or any others!), add a sweet message of encouragement if you'd like, and mail them (or drop them off) - as many as you can! - to me at church:
St Paul's, 160 High St, Newburyport MA 01950, attn: Linda

We'll get them into the hands (and hearts!) of parishioners, shut-ins, and Among Friends guests. Enjoy some meditative and fun coloring today - and pop them in the mail or drop them at church, quick as you can. (You are my sunshine!)
Hello, friends - welcome to February 2021!

How are you? What can St Paul's do for you and yours? What can we do to share God's love in the world, together?

Write to me anytime.

Offering my prayers for your well-being, hope, peace, and joy!
With love - Linda
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