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To God be the Glory...
CAP School Receives Award
Pastor John Garang notified us just this week about our Children Are People School in Moi's Bridge Kenya: "We have been ranked as the best school in Moi's Bridge zone as the best school in both private and public schools, we have also taken the lead in zones by our teachers. We are really doing well."
This is such good news for Pastors John and Tabby, the teachers and especially the students who do the work. Half of the students in the school are our South Sudanese children who learn two languages, Kiswahili and English in school. The Kenyan students who already know Kiswahili did not outscore the South Sudanese. It shows how hard the South Sudanese work and how intelligent they are. Of course the children know how much they are loved by the church, school teachers, and house mothers. They have a good lunch too. It is such a great environment for excellence. We are so proud of them, but only to boast in the Lord and give God the credit for the their progress.
Your Gifts Make ALL the Difference!
The Kenyan Ministry of Education made many changes this year. Curriculum is completely revised, students are taking subjects tailored to their vocational preferences and transportation of students requires a yellow bus or van with yellow striping, much like the school buses in the US. Drivers in Kenya are unrestrained so thank goodness, the safety of students is being considered.

I give much gratitude to Will (pictured above) and Catherine Guest for organizing the recent fundraiser golf tournament in Oxford, Mississippi. The dining room/library is complete with tables and chairs, electricity and full kitchen for cooking meals for the school and the church. Above that $2500 from the golfing started the “Van Fund” for the CAP School. A used van costs about $8000 so we have a way to go. If you want to help with the van, please designate it when sending donations. 
How Can We Help Graduates?

Children Are People School graduated 40 students up to this point. We will have 6 waiting for further education and 5 more graduating in December when the school year ends. Pray, pray, pray!
Special sponsors funded much of the preK-12 education for the last two years. Education is half of our monthly budget for Pastor John’s group of children.

The graduates have two choices after graduation...
  1. Go back to South Sudan where war is still going on despite efforts to end it, stay in a UN camp, try to connect with displaced family and maybe find some work. 
  2. Go to the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northern Kenya only to sit idle in terrible heat with little food and no employment or further education.

Children Are People has not been able to help graduates in furthering their education, but I would like to change that. College tuition is about $1300/year. I know some people are struggling to put their own children into college, but there might be a way to set up an Education Foundation through special funding by individual sponsors, wills, trusts etc.  If you have experience with forming this type of effort, please contact me.
Medical Care
Medical care is such a need in Kenya. The government put a health insurance program in place for $100/per year which covers medications and hospitalizations including half of surgeries. The problem of paying half is the people can’t pay the other half. Many can’t pay the premiums. 

For a couple of children, CAP paid the annual premium so they can have necessary surgery. One is the boy, Emmanuel, with leg deformities. The other is an 18-year-old girl of Pastor John’s group who has severe scoliosis. There are other needs…
  • Lawrence, a 3-year-old with lazy eye, is seeing a specialist once per month. The doctor and transport for him and his grandmother is about $50.
  • One of our house mothers has DVT (blood clots) and requires blood thinner.
  • A cousin of John’s was about to lose a leg from infection, but CAP helped. 
  • Pastor John has malaria once a month; it keeps reoccurring. There is a new medication coming out to eradicate one of the malaria types that hide in one’s liver. When it becomes available, Pastor John needs to see if he is a candidate. 

I want you to understand what goes on daily as we endeavor to care for refugee children and the poor. Your giving helps care for them. You will hear these words from Jesus himself: “Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of mine, even to the least of them, you did to me.” Matthew 25:39-40
There are many ways you can help...

Your support makes a difference! 
Dixie Koch, President 

Mailing address: Children Are People
PO Box 5113, Quincy, IL 62305