August 8, 2019
In the past decade, 15,000 scientists, medical professionals, and other researchers have learned to share their work more effectively through workshops with the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. Thousands more have been introduced to the Center’s work through keynote addresses and introductory sessions.
Stony Brook University won Hobsons 2019 Education Advances Award in the category “Match & Fit/Admissions,” which honors an institution that has excelled in enrollment, and in particular at enrolling students who are well matched and academically fit.
Jennifer Fitzgibbon is a registered dietitian with board certification in oncology nutrition. Over the last decade, she has helped thousands of cancer patients optimize their weight, strength, and quality of life during treatment. Her expertise in oncology nutrition has earned rave reviews from conference attendees. She has well-attended survivorships series and shopping tours to help educate cancer patients and survivors find evidence-based nutrition information.
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