Children Like Michael
At St. Vincent Family Center, we serve thousands of children just like Michael every year.
Michael is 9 years old, and he's already faced more adversity in his few years of life than many have experienced in a lifetime.
He doesn't know his father.
His mother's unresolved life traumas have challenged her ability to make safe, healthy choices. She battles a heroin addiction and puts herself at risk of harm in order to support her drug dependence.
Michael is consequently exposed to substance use , domestic violence , abuse and neglect .

As a result, Michael is removed from the care of his mother.
For 13 months, Michael lives with his Aunt. And while his basic needs are met, he is unable to process and cope with his lived experiences of trauma.

He lashes out at school and is suspended 5 times for fighting with his peers . His upset feelings trigger aggressive, destructive behaviors toward his Aunt.

He is hurting - so he hurts those around him.
Michael's Aunt can no longer care for him safely. So with the help of Children's Services, she finds a safe space for Michael to temporarily call home - St. Vincent Family Center's Children's Residential Treatment Center.

At St. Vincent Family Center , Michael receives the treatment and support he needs to regulate his emotions and behaviors related to his traumas. He participates in daily group therapy alongside peers who are struggling with similar challenges, he builds a relationship with a licensed counselor who helps him process his experiences, and he receives structure and ongoing support from St. Vincent Family Center's expert care team.

It is with the generosity of partners like you that we are able to help children like Michael find their way in a challenging world. With your support, we are investing in the livelihood and well-being of our community's most disadvantaged children and laying the foundation for a safe, successful future.
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Children Like Michael
By supporting these ongoing needs, you are directly impacting the daily lives of each child at St. Vincent Family Center. You are ensuring children like Michael experience the essentials and events of everyday life until reunited with their families.
We thank you for supporting children like Michael, this season and always!
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