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Children & Chiropractic
March 2017
Article by 
Edward D. Wagner DC

Is your children's physical and mental health suffering because of diet, nutritional deficiencies and poor posture? Have they had sports injuries which haven't been evaluated chiropractically? Are they displaying emotions that don't make sense, are negative or have attitudes of disinterest? Are you writing it off as normal age related syndrome?

All of these, plus many other symptoms such as the inability to focus, sibling rivalry, learning issues and ADD can be helped greatly by a system of chiropractic analysis whereby imbalances on almost any level can be determined and corrected. Optimum nutritional support is of major importance also for not only development of the brain but for the entire structural balance.

The original philosophy of chiropractic was to release any interferance to ones nervous system expression, whether by injury, diet, toxic exposure, birth trauma, or emotional pain so that ones full potential could be realized. What an idea! You might say it was the first system of opening up the gates of human potential.

There is only one form of natural care that children like and that is chiropractic. I believe it was created for children. No other system has such an impact on the lives of children. They love being centered. They respond faster than parents, sometimes immediately.

Give your children the opportunity to be all they can be. Bring them in for an evaluation and treatment followed by a regular program of wellness, whether once a month or every two months.

Dr. Edward D. Wagner DC

Dr. Edward Wagner DC provides all forms of alternative health care and most importantly finds the "Why's" of every symptom and syndrome. With over 40 years as a chiropractor and a nutritionist as well as a partner with Jack La Lanne, there is very little he hasn't seen. 
 Always look for the natural cure.  Spread the word and 
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