Praying for Children of Hope
Thank you for being a prayer warrior on behalf of our children and staff.
We believe in the power of prayer!

Week of February 7 - 13, 2021

Alex Kwemoi
Kitalale Home
18 years old - 11th grade
Loves being the referee for the younger kid's soccer games

We praise God for the social and emotional growth we have seen in Alex over the last year. Please continue to pray that as he approaches independence that he will be responsible and apply himself to whatever path he choses.

Grace Chelang'at
Kitalale Home
17 years old - 11th grade
Loves to read

Grace is a strong leader at the Kitalale home and all the children look up to her. She is focused, hard working, fun-loving, well spoken and passionate about the Lord. She is developing into a wonderful young lady in every way. We are so proud of her!

Freddy Okango
Kikuyu Home
College Freshman - 21 years old
Loves to be neat/organized and play soccer

Freddy joined KCA University two weeks ago. He is in a two year course studying Film Technology. Please pray for direction for him in college as he makes important life decisions.

Mercy Muthoni
Kikuyu Home
College Freshmen
Loves singing and hanging out with friends

Mercy is excited to be starting college at Railway Training Institute in Nairobi. She is in a two year course of study in Food & Beverage Production Services. She enjoys cooking and has already done a brief internship with a baker and has learned much from the cooks at Kikuyu and Auntie Peninah. We are very proud of her and excited to see her succeed.  


  • Rebecca Chepchumba - Social Worker at the Kitalale Home
  • Cecilia Masinde - Social Worker at the Kikuyu Home
Special Requests
  • Very soon we will be starting construction on the new Boys Cottage at the Kitalale home. Please pray for safety for all those working on the project and that things with go smoothly with no roadblocks.
  • Pray for a hedge of protection around our children and staff as they stay safe from the COVID-19 virus. So far there have been no cases in either of our homes.

Please pray for the children in our Kikuyu and Kitalale homes in the following ways:
  • Pray for their spiritual growth and that the seeds planted in their hearts by the Word of God will grow and flourish
  • Pray for good physical health and growth as well as protection from disease/sickness
  • Pray for determination and a strong work ethic in school
  • Pray for healthy emotional growth, increased self confidence and healing from any past traumas

Please pray for the staff in the following ways:
  • Pray for wisdom as they make decisions on behalf of the children and the ministry
  • Pray for physical and spiritual protection for them and their families
  • Pray for a strong connection of love and care between the Kenyan staff and the children

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