Praying for Children of Hope
Thank you for being a prayer warrior on behalf of our children and staff.
We believe in the power of prayer!

We always pray for you, giving thanks to God, the Father of our
Lord Jesus Christ.

Colossians 1:3

Week of January 10 - 16, 2021

Sam Chesiro
Kitalale Home
11 years old - 4th Grade
Loves playing games

Sam is a content child, growing strong and healthy in every important area of life. We are so thankful for the consistent progress we have seen with him recently.

Esther Ndiwa
Kitalale Home
11 years old - 4th grade
Loves playing games and acting

Esther is a joy to be around, a very chatty young lady who makes friends easily. She is doing great in school and with her emotional growth and we look forward to seeing God working in her life through her adolescent years.

Jacob Kamau
Kikuyu Home
15 years old - 8th grade
Loves playing volleyball, soccer and helping on the farm

We are proud of Jacob and the recent growth/maturity we've seen in him. He has a wonderful attitude, is relating well to peers and adults and is enjoying helping with the farm work, especially milking the cows.

Grace Gathoni
Kikuyu Home
15 years old - 8th grade
Loves playing soccer and singing/dancing

Grace is growing into a delightful young lady and we praise God for her. Please pray for her to have a successful year academically in 8th grade as she will be transitioning to high school/boarding school next year.

Please pray for the children in our Kikuyu and Kitalale homes in the following ways:
  • Pray for their spiritual growth and that the seeds planted in their hearts by the Word of God will grow and flourish
  • Pray for good physical health and growth as well as protection from disease/sickness
  • Pray for determination and a strong work ethic in school
  • Pray for healthy emotional growth, increased self confidence and healing from any past traumas

Please pray for the staff in the following ways:
  • Pray for wisdom as they make decisions on behalf of the children and the ministry
  • Pray for physical and spiritual protection for them and their families
  • Pray for a strong connection of love and care between the Kenyan staff and the children

  • Russ Jones - Board of Directors
  • Jasinta Ebobi - Auntie at the Kitalale Home
  • Peninah Njuki - Auntie at the Kikuyu Home
Special Requests
  • Freddy joined college this week and moved into an apartment. Pray he makes good friends and applies himself to his studies.
  • Samson (Administrator at Kikuyu Home) and his wife had a baby girl named Leticia on December 26th. Praise for her safe arrival and prayers for them as they adjust and enjoy their new life as a family.  
  • In Kenya, the new school year starts in January. All classes for the children started January 4th. Please pray for a smooth transition back to school for the kids. Many of them will be repeating the same grade they were in last year because they were unable to complete it due to COVID-19.
  • Pray for a hedge of protection around our children and staff as they stay safe from the COVID-19 virus. So far there have been no cases in either of our homes.

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