Praying for Children of Hope
Thank you for being a prayer warrior on behalf of our children and staff.
We believe in the power of prayer!

And I tell you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.
Luke 11:9

Week of November 1 - 7

Joseline Chepkwemoi
Kitalale Home
9 years old - 1st grade
Loves drawing and watching cartoons

Please pray for Joseline to continue making progress in her studies, specifically in the areas of reading and writing. She is a content and happy child and for that we are very thankful.

Oliver Kibet
Kitalale Home
11 years old - 5th grade
Loves drawing and doing models

Oliver is a good student, friend and helper around the homes. He has a good attitude and is always eager to attend church and learn about the Lord. We are thankful for him!


Gabriel Okoth
Kikuyu Home
4 years old - preschool
Loves learning

Gabriel has grown taller over the last few months and is developing physically very well. He still struggles with some food allergies, but we are hopeful he may outgrow these.

Elaine Njeri
Kikuyu Home
2 years old
Loves playing with the big kids

Elaine is a very bright and advanced child for 2 years old. She communicates very well and is physically capable to do all kinds of activites. We thank God for her good health and development.

  • Jill Richman - Board of Directors
  • Lillian Chepteck - Matron at the Kitalale Home
  • Samson Ikaba - Administrator at the Kikuyu Home
Special Requests

  • Regarding the COVID situation in Kenya, In the past couple of weeks the numbers daily identified of persons infected with COVID-19 have increased from 4-5% to 10-14%. Just like the US, they are having a second surge of the virus. They currently have about 52,000 cases, sadly 950 fatalities, but we are hopeful because the recovery rate in Kenya is now at 69%! There has been a significant increase in cases in the village areas, where as before the cases were mainly in the Nairobi and Mombasa cities. The ICU beds are at capacity in the major/good hospitals.
  • The gathering for the full transitioned kids who are now independent adults is scheduled for Sunday Nov 1. Please pray they are encouraged and uplifted during this time. (See last week's prayer email for more info on this.)
  • With just one week notice, the government of Kenya announced that the children would begin school in-person again (Previously they had said this would not happen until January). They started with grades 4, 8 and 12 and will soon be adding the other grades. Please pray for the kids as they transition back to daily school with masks and other added safety precautions.
  • Pray for a hedge of protection around our children and staff as they stay safe from the COVID-19 virus. So far there have been no cases in either of our homes.

Please pray for the children in our Kikuyu and Kitalale homes in the following ways:
  • Pray for their spiritual growth and that the seeds planted in their hearts by the Word of God will grow and flourish
  • Pray for good physical health and growth as well as protection from disease/sickness
  • Pray for determination and a strong work ethic in school
  • Pray for healthy emotional growth, increased self confidence and healing from any past traumas

Please pray for the staff in the following ways:
  • Pray for wisdom as they make decisions on behalf of the children and the ministry
  • Pray for physical and spiritual protection for them and their families
  • Pray for a strong connection of love and care between the Kenyan staff and the children

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