May 2021
Particularly During a Pandemic,
Children's Mental Health Matters!
CEO Update
If you’ve read any of these newsletter articles, you know I’m super lucky to have an 18-year-old son, Corey, who is a senior at Hillsborough High School. And though I have spent most of my career in the children’s mental health arena, I have learned most about this topic by interacting with Corey and his peers. 
COVID-19 Support
If you or someone you know is struggling emotionally due to the COVID-19 pandemic, call 1-844-MyFLHLP (844-693-5457). Our staff are available 24/7 to provide confidential support.
Empowering Clients to Prioritize
Their Mental Health
When Dawn called 211, she immediately told the Intervention Specialist on the phone that she was sad and lonely. After almost a year of being isolated in her home due to COVID-19, she felt like she had no one to talk to and that no one cared about her.
18th Annual Cup of Compassion Breakfast
Like many events of the past year, we had no idea what our annual Cup of Compassion breakfast would look like when we started the planning process. We were optimistic that an in-person option could exist, even if on a much smaller scale from previous years. We also realized we’d need to adjust our normal program to add in virtual streaming. On Thursday, April 29th, we hosted our hybrid fundraiser and had over 450 in-person and virtual attendees.
Kicking off Mental Health Awareness Month With the Hillsborough County Tax Collector's Office
The Crisis Center is excited to be partnering with the Hillsborough County Tax Collector's Office beginning with Mental Health Awareness Month. Please watch the video above to hear a quick message from Nancy Millan, Hillsborough County Tax Collector, and our President & CEO Clara Reynolds.
Thank you to our corporate partners!
Thank you to our funders!