Children's Ministries Update
Christmas is Coming!
Christmas Eve Worship will remain at 4:00pm.
Thanks for your input!

Each year the Children attending KG3 participate in a musical and drama that becomes the Children's Family Christmas Eve Worship Service. Because we film the individual scenes of the script from the musical, families who can not be at St. Paul’s on Christmas Eve for 4:00pm Worship are still able to participate. Children will present the song portion of the musical in person on Christmas Eve in-between filming clips.

Away in a Mango is this years's musical. The storyline is that of a cruise ship that becomes lost at sea leading up to Christmas Eve when the ship is finally rescued.
Children in grades 1-5 will be offered speaking parts or solos.
All children (ages4 yrs though 5th grade) will sing with the Children's Choirs various songs live during the musical.

Please discuss with your children if they would like to participate and if they would like a speaking part or a solo. On October 30 during KG3 from6-7pm, we will start looking at the script and assigning parts. If your child decides they would like to participate, you can sign-up your child on Wednesday evening in person at the I-pad station during KG3 or e-mail Erin Soza,

Rehearsal’s will take place Wednesday Evenings from 6-7pm on November 6, 13, 20.
Filming will take place on December 4 and 11.

We are also trying to make arrangements for a field trip and “cruise” on the Gateway Clipper. We hope to have some filming take place on our cruise. Those details will be coming soon!

We need all hands on deck to help organize and prepare for Away in a Mango.

We will need 10 volunteers to partner up in teams of 2 to lead a group of about 10 children.
These small groups will each be assigned parts in one of the scenes in the musical.(all spoken parts)
Adult volunteers will help rehearse lines with the kids and get them ready for filming.

Each scene will be filmed and then put together into an amazing worship service presented by the children to the congragation on Christmas Eve.

Please let Erin Soza know if you are able to lead a small group, or
text 412-841-7485
The Children's Ministries is sharing in St. Paul's Purpose, Mission and Vision.

Military Connections Stocking Stuffer Program
The No Mission Impossible Club (NoMIC) is once again participating in the Military Connections Stocking Stuffer program that benefits the United States military personnel around the world. We collect donated items and stuff stockings provided by this organization. The stockings are stuffed (by the NoMIC kids) and delivered to the Military Connections site. The stockings are then shipped to our troops overseas in time to be received for Christmas. 

Our goal is to stuff 150 stockings. Please place donations in the collections box in the Ministry Center. Donations are due on or before November 3 at noon. Thank you for partnering with us on this very important mission as we send our love around the world, all stuffed into a little stocking.

Join NoMIC to prepare stocking on Sunday November 3, 2019 from 3:30-5:30pm in George Crooks Dining Area.

Suggested Donations:
Granola Bars 
Individual Bags of Trail Mix
5-Hour Energy Drinks
Individual Bags of Nuts
Candy Canes
Fruit Snacks
Mints and Gum 
Pop Tarts 
Single-Serve Powdered Gatorade
Slim Jims
Individual Bags of Snacks
Individual Bags of Cookies
Rice Krispie Treats
Individual Bags of Crackers
Chocolate Candy
Christmas Candy & Snacks
Power Bars
Advent Wreath Making
Family and Fellowship Time! Join other St. Paul's families and make an Advent wreath with live pine. Use your wreath to celebrate Advent leading to Christmas.

December 1, 2019
11:30 am (after 10:30 Worship ends)
Fellowship Hall (gym)
$25.00 per family for lunch and supplies to make 1 wreath.
chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, salad cookies
$10 to make 1 wreath
$10 for adult lunch
$5 for child lunch
Sunday Morning Children's Ministries 
8:30-9:15 am Children’s Ministries: “Loving God, Loving Neighbor”

9:15-10:15 am Children's Ministries: “Hands On Bible”

10:30-11:30 am Children’s Ministries: “Loving God, Loving Neighbor”
All Adults volunteering with children or youth need to attend Safe Sanctuaries Training and have Act 33/34 Clearances and FBI Clearances if necessary.
Clearances must be updated every 5 years. Contact Erin Soza if you have

Please rsvp with Erin Soza,

Classes currently offered:
Wednesday October 23 - 4:30 pm or 7:30 pm - New Horizons
Share Children's Message at 8:30 & 10:30
Kids Grow and Go With God (KG3) 
Wednesday Evening Children's Ministry

Children ages 4 through 5th grade are invited to be in ministry at KG3!

5:30-6:00 pm Optional child-friendly meal
6:00-7:10 pm Children's Choir, Bible Lesson, and Game/Activity Rotations
7:10-7:30 pm Open Gym (Children supervised by families)
Kids Grow and Go with God KG3
Wednesday Evening Ministries Staff Position
We are seeking a qualified individuals to fulfill a stipend position ($1500/yr) with primary responsibilities of leading Children's Ministry programming and teaching curriculum on Wednesday evenings. Along with Wednesday evening, several Sunday mornings and occasional planning meetings are required of the position.   Please click here for the full job description . St. Paul's is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please email and direct questions regarding these opportunities to  Erin Soza,  Director of Children's Ministries.
Quick Calendar
October 27: NoMIC Cumberland Crossing
November 6,13,20: Away in a Mango Rehearsal 6-7pm during KG3
November 3: NoMIC Military Connections Stocking Stuffing 3:30-5pm GCDA
November 6,13,20: Away in a Mango Rehearsal
November 27: NO Wednesday Evening Children's Ministries
Happy Thanksgiving!
December 1: Advent Wreath Making and lunch
December 7, 14: Away in a Mango filming

Children's Emergency Information
Register your child's Emergency Information for 2019-2020 Sunday Children's Ministries and KG3.
Please register for Remind 101 to get emergency information texted in case of an emergency with weather and/or cancellations.
[412-486-7006]  []  []