Children's Ministries
How Can Kids Engage at Church and in Church?
Quick Calendar:
January 6 :6:30-7pm 3rd grade Zoom ID: 72757545641 PW: 2qDFts
January 10:9:15am Sunday Morning Class ID: 964 1233 2749 
PW: 956611
January 13: Adult Children Ministries Meeting 6:30pm
ID: 988 6253 0051 PW: 700393
January 17: NoMIC Daily Bread Mission
February 27: NoMIC Reschedule tentative-Outreach Food Packaging Mission
Adult Children's Ministry Meeting

January 13, 2021
Zoom ID: 988 6253 0051
PW: 700393

(please let me know if you have ideas to add to the Agenda)
Let's talk about 2021!

Do you have an idea for remote ministry?
Do you have ideas for in person ministry?
Do you want to help host a Zoom group?
Do you want to organize a Mission or Outreach Project?
Do you have ideas or input for Lent and/or Easter?
Are you willing to brainstorm some possibilities?
Do you want to hear and think about being in a ministry with children?
Are you still trying to figure out what happened in 2020?

If you answered yes to any of the above then try to join in for the Adult Children's Ministry Meeting on January 13. You have something to offer!
New Year Challenge!
Refresh yourself and your family and reflect daily on your walk with God!

Using the 3 simple rules from
Micah 6:8 and the attachment see how each person in your family can be serving our great God in simple ways.
You are loved! You have hope! It's a new year!
After Christmas it’s hard to regroup and rethink about, "what a gift is."   So the challenge for the next month is to work toward sharing and receiving the gifts of Christ that sometimes go unnoticed or unappreciated.  These are the gift that might come easily or might require some practice and discipline. 

One of the scriptures that influenced the formation of the Methodist Church and still guides our church is the scripture from Micah 6:8.  This scripture defines 3 simple rules of how to partner with Christ and be church together.

Our New Year's Challenge will be to use the 6 following practices to see if we can put into live guided by Micah 6:8! 

1.     Encouraging- be positive always! with family, friends, classmates, neighbors
2.     Giving- give of yourself, offer your time or help, share what you have, give away extra, donate clothes, toys or things you’re not using, give appreciation, give compliments!
3.     Leading- use actions to show by example, be the first to do something nobody else is willing to do, start something others could join you in doing
4.     Praising- be appreciative, make the little things count, be caring 
5.     Serving- remember God in your actions, think about God’s plan for you- it’s surrounded in love.  Radiate God’s love!
6.     Teaching- be respectful and help others to know and understand what you know. 

We could use a few more sign-ups for March, April and May!
Birthday Card Ministry
Be part of an ongoing ministry to send the children and youth at St. Paul's a card for their birthday. sign-up now

If you have questions, please reach out to Erin Soza.
1965 Ferguson Rd.
Allison Park,PA 15101