K-5th grade//March 24, 2020
Hello Parents,
I hope you, your children, and extended family are well. As we continue to practice social distancing and maintaining spiritual connections, I will be sending you a different type of Children's Ministry Newsletter. In it I will include some items from the To Go Bags (in case you couldn't pick one up Saturday) as well as other helpful tidbits. You can expect:
  • A digital version of the Children's Leaflet (from the To Go Bag)
  • A digital version of the Parent Sheet (from the To Go Bag)
  • A link to a children's ministry activity for you or your child
  • An update on Butterfly Watch 2020
  • Reminders about our FPCLive@11 Facebook Events and Worship
  • A digital version of the Children's Worship Bulletin (from the To Go Bag)

It was wonderful to see so many of you on Saturday and I hope this newsletter can offer some resources and encouragement as you continue nurturing your children in faith.
Grace & Peace,
Print and Use
March 22 Leaflet: Jesus Raises Lazarus
The Parent Sheet includes Instructions on how to walk your child through ~30 minutes of reading the Bible and faith formation activities related to the story. The Children's Leaflet is a colorful 2 sided flyer that provides space to respond to questions and fun ways to think through the story.
Link Up
Illustrated Children's Ministry
We have used their materials for First Church. They are offering free materials to parents...and promise not to add you to their sales mailing list.
Butterfly Watch 2020
Here is picture of how the butterfly larvae in my house are growing and changing. So if didn't get a larvae this year, you can still watch the transformation. If you did get a larvae, send me a photo of you with your larvae each week as it changes.
11am Sunday-Friday
There is a way to connect to your church family S-F. We will continue to stream our worship at 11am on Sundays. In addition daily Facebook live events (11am/ M-F) will be available through our church Facebook page. Beginning on 3/23 they are using zoom as the platform. On Thursdays we will include a special message for children. I'm encouraging children to have their Bibles in hand when we start.
Visit the church website for direct links each day.
Director of Children's Ministry
Tammy Winchip 704.927.0265