New Song Church August 2019

We had a wonderful Back to School night last week at New Song. Children of all ages were everywhere---24 of them! From Backpack Blessing to the Blessing of donated school supplies, to the Hot Dog Party outside---it was a great night. Thanks for your help in bringing your children, the school supplies and food for the party.  It was awesome to see everyone!
 At New Song we do a Backpack Blessing to show children that we care about each one of them.  We remind them that God is with them at school and everywhere they go. We hope that both children and parents feel cared for by God and by their church as they go through this yearly transition.
Starting or returning to school is a HUGE deal for children and their families. There is much anticipation, excitement and nervousness on the part of most children. Will I like my teacher?  Will I have a friend in my class? Will I be able to do the work? I must admit, as a teacher I felt all those things also!
 Children react to that transition in various ways. Some will be quiet, some shy, some not wanting to go to school at all. Others will react by being overly stimulated or very tired. There are also those who jump on the school bus with confidence. If your child is showing trepidation-rest assured that the first day, first week or first month jitters will fade away and school will become a natural part of their day.  
My advice for the beginning of school?  Play it cool and don't ask too many questions when they come home. Give them time to regroup.  Make sure they have adequate sleep. Provide time for breakfast. And most of all, just LOVE them!

SEPTEMBER 7 630-8:30
Teachers at New Song are excited to welcome our students soon!
A few facts for families:
Who: Children ages 3-teens
What: An evening especially designed for the kids.
When: Every first Saturday of the school year.
Where: Downstairs at the church.
Why: To learn, to make friends, to have fun.
DO I HAVE TO REGISTER MY CHILD?  Returning students need no registration but we do need any changes of address or phone numbers.  Parents of new students or parents with changes need to fill out a Child Information form and give it to Pam or bring it on their first week of SS.
WHERE DO I GET THE CHILD INFORMATION FORM? They will be on the welcome shelf unit by the door.  You may also email Pam to receive one online.
WHAT DO PARENTS DO DURING SS?  Parents may leave the building during SS as long as we have contact information.  Parents are also always welcome to stay with their children for all or part of the evening.
MAY I PICK UP MY CHILD BEFORE 8:30?  Yes, we know some children have an early bedtime-come pick them up any time.
HOW ARE THE CHILDREN PLACED IN CLASSES? We have multi-aged classes.   For 2019-2020: 
  • Songbirds: Preschool-First Grade taught by Jenny Bosworth and Brona Sarchett.  
  • SuperKids: Elementary taught by Pam Jennings and Michael Jennings     
  • New Song Youth (NSY): "teens and tweens" taught by Sally Boyd and Tom Boyd
WHERE DO THE STUDENTS GO AFTER CHURCH?  Please stay with your children in the foyer after church while teachers go downstairs to classrooms.  A teacher will come upstairs and escort your child downstairs shortly. Parents are also welcome to come downstairs at that time if they wish. Students will go to classrooms for welcoming activities until dinner is ready.
WHAT IS DINNER LIKE?  Dinner is prepared by New Song volunteers and is buffet style.  Songbirds get food first and are assisted by older children from NSY.  They eat in their classroom with their teachers. SuperKids and NSY eat together in the fellowship hall. Please list food allergies on the CIF. 
CAN FRIENDS COME ALSO?  Sure thing! Friends are always welcome!

THANKS to the amazing and loving volunteers who care for children during worship each week!  You are very important and very appreciated!
We also have a paid early childhood professional as the third person in child care on evenings when we expect higher numbers. (First Saturdays, Christmas Program, Easter). Carol Parsons, the mother of Jenny Bosworth, has a background as a kindergarten teacher at the St. Michael's School and is a consistent face for the Songbirds! Thanks, Carol.
CHILD CARE AGES  We are so happy to have young children to care for at NS!  However, because of numbers, ages and the size of the room, we ask that children 2 nd grade and older attend church with their friends or families.  There are Activity Bags on the floor next to the welcome center and children's books and Bibles on the bookshelf by the entrance for their use.  

Many children have learned about worship at SuperSaturday and it is a topic we visit yearly. You can help your child learn to enjoy worship in the following ways:
  • Talk with your child at home about the various parts of worship:  Announcements, Call to Worship, Singing, Praying, Reading from the Bible, Children's Message, Sermon, Offering, Communion. Closing Blessing.
  • Encourage your child to sing, pray the Lord's Prayer, and listen to the music and words.  Ask them later what they liked about worship or what questions they have about worship?
  • Explain the meaning of communion
  • Encourage your child to draw a picture about what they see in the chapel.
  • Have children notice the different people helping in worship and explain their tasks.
  • Don't worry about noise-it is their church, too!  Some of the best sounds in the world are the coos of a baby or words from a child. We love kids at New Song and want them to feel safe, welcomed and comfortable there!
Hope to see your family soon!
And please forward this email 
to anyone who might be interested!

For more info about New Song's Children's Ministry, 
please contact Pam Jennings