New Song Church Spring 2019

Spring is here at last! Following are dates and activities for children this season-we hope they (and you) can join us for these special opportunities and worships.

April 6: Dedication of Viviana Hardin during worship
        SuperSaturday after worship

April 13: Palm Procession during worship
               Easter Egg Hunt after worship

April 20: No worship

April 21: Happy Easter! Worship at 9:00 a.m.

April 27: Celebration of New Song's Tenth Anniversary during                     worship-children participating
                Reception after worship

May 4: Recognition of Graduates during worship
            SuperSaturday after worship

May 11: Mother's Day weekend

May 25 : Annual New Song Meeting and election of officers 

There are only two more SuperSaturdays left until summer and we have lots planned for your children!

  April: What is Holy Week?

Topics covered will be appropriate to the age level of the children. Songbirds will learn about Jesus' procession into Jerusalem and how they will replicate that on April 13th at New Song. SuperKids will go a step further and learn about the last week of Jesus' life focusing on the Last Supper, Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane and the Resurrection. The New Song Youth will delve into communion and its meaning and plan and conduct a communion service for all the children.

May 4: We need volunteers to provide a hot dog cookout outside! If you can help with this please contact Michael Jennings at

This will be our last SuperSaturday till September. We'll do some closure for this year and planning for next year. Of course, what would spring be without outdoor fun and games!


Rest assured that at SuperSaturday your children are taught by knowledgeable and caring teachers. We thank the following regular and substitute teachers who made such an awesome team this year.

 Songbirds: Jenny Bosworth and Brona Sarchett SuperKids: Michael and Pam Jennings New Song Youth: Sally and Tom Boyd, Rex Loy 

Substitute Teachers: Adam Faires, Kristina Kaiser, Bree Hardin, Emily Cook

April 6: Dedication of Viviana Hardin

It is a joy to have babies and children as part of our congregation. So, we are delighted that Viviana Hardin will be brought forth by her mother Bree, father Rob and Sister Ellie to be dedicated. In our church we follow Jesus who asked that the children come to him. When a parent dedicates a child, they are promising to raise that child in a home filled with the love of God. We as a congregation also have the opportunity to promise to care for and help the child grow.


On Saturday April 13th children will follow an ancient tradition of commemorating Jesus' entry into Jerusalem by processing with Palms at the beginning of worship. Children of all ages are invited to participate. Teens are needed to help walk with the children, too. Please meet Pam in the foyer at 5:20 for instructions and to receive Palms. After the procession and Children's Message, children will return to Child Care or to their seats in worship.


The Oh-So-Fun Easter Egg Hunt will begin ASAP after worship on the 13th. We'll gather in the downstairs foyer to begin. There will be different sections for different ages-so even toddlers will have a place to hunt. Don't forget to bring baskets and cameras! Rain? We'll hunt indoors.


Easter Sunday is the only Sunday service New Song has each year. Worship begins at 9:00.

Since Holy Cross will also be in session, you'll find the New Song Child Care downstairs in classrooms filled with fun things for the children to play with and create. We'll have paid child care workers on this day so please sign in and introduce your children when you arrive.


Well, the snow cancelled, long awaited Anniversary celebration is almost here-and spring will be a wonderful time to thank God for our church and thank Holy Cross for their generosity. We are a "safe and welcoming" community and I'll add a loving community. It would be so special to see our church filled with people and children on this day. Of special interest will be a film near the end of worship. It will be amazing to see children growing up right before our eyes and get an idea of what New Song folks have been doing for 10 years!

Songbirds and SuperKids will be singing and New Song Youth will be participating in various ways. We need them! Please be at worship at 5:15 and meet teachers in the foyer so we may share instructions with children.


Graduating is one of those special stepping stones in life. This year we have several young people who are graduating and we ask God to bless them as they transition to the next phase of their lives.

Parkway North High School
Tanner Boyd
Abbie DiMichieli
Jack Nimock

University of Missouri
Max Boyd
Murray State University
Matt Feldewerth

If you know of anyone else who will be graduating please contact Pam at

Pam Jennings, Children's Ministry