Children's Ministry Newsletter

  • Please review the Nursery Sick Policy. This applies to Nursery, and Elementary Age children.
  • Remember to check your kids in on KidCheck! There are 2 computers available by the Nursery.
The Children's Ministry is looking for volunteers for the upcoming Sunday school and Wednesday Night year. If you would like to volunteer, please click below or sign up on the insert in this weeks bulletin and place in the offering plate.

**All volunteers must be members, approved by elders, and pass a background check.**
Would you like to Volunteer for Children's Ministry Sunday school Year - 2022/2023?
3 year old Teacher
Kindergarten Aide
1st Grade Teacher
1st Grade Aide
3rd Grade Aide
WCA Door Monitor
Music Aide
Gym Supervisor
Substitute Teacher or Aide
4 year old Transition Supervisor
Would you like to volunteer for Wednesday nights with Children's Ministry?
3 year old Teacher or Aide
4's/Kindergarten Teacher or Aide
1st Grade Teacher or Aide
2nd Grade Teacher or Aide
3rd Grade Teacher or Aide
4th Grade Teacher or Aide
Gym Supervisor
WCA Door Monitor
Substitute Teacher or Aide
Catechism Resources
*By clicking on the picture, you will be taken to the website where you can buy an interactive PDF to put on a tablet/phone/computer for studying at home with your kids!
cell: 256-698-0028