January 2019 
From the Executive Director                                                           
New Year of STEM
It's the season of New Year's resolutions and looking ahead. In setting goals for family, I'm reminded of one of our board members, who had an epiphany during one of our board meetings many years ago. He said, "I've focused so many years on my children's physical enrichment, while I should be focusing on both their physical and mental enrichment!" His children happened to be enthusiastic athletes, so he decided to ask his kids to pick one non-sports activity in addition to their preferred seasonal sport that year. I love this concept! This idea can be applied to families, children, and adults, and there are many ways to accomplish the balance. When it comes to STEM activities, the Children's Science Center likes to provide a range of options to families and schools. One easy and fun option is trying out our monthly experiment in each newsletter - please enjoy "Bursting in the New Year" below. Happy New Year!

Executive Director
Children's Science Center
What's Happening at the Lab
New this month!

We're starting the New Year off bright! Learn all about conductors and resistors in our newest experiment,  Electro-Lights !  Work with flour, salt and vinegar to create a con"dough"ctor that allows light to shine through. Test different thicknesses to see what allows it to shine the brightest and find out why. 

Also, to add wonder to the Winter Wonder Lab, we are continuing with DIY Snow as a special 4th experiment through February 15.

New gears have arrived at the Gear Table in the Inspiration Hub! Check out how much cleaner and brighter they are, and test how much easier they move! 

Explore kinetic and potential energy as you try out the new tunnels, tracks, and tricks on our Chain Reaction exhibit in the Inspiration Hub! 

The Lab is ready for cold and flu season with newly installed hand-santizer dispensers right outside the Experiment Bar and in the Garage to help keep germs at bay. 

Check out the  calendar of events  for information on what's happening at the Lab all month long! 
Kids Night Out - EveryBODY Loves STEM
Drop off event!

Our popular Kids Night Out event is back February 9! Drop off the kids in grades K-6 and they will enjoy an evening of dinner, special themed STEM related activities and make new friends.

Participants may sign up with siblings or friends. Receive $5 off additional tickets with the Discount Code:  HEART

Pizza, fruit, drinks, and dessert will be served in the Garage while making new friends.

Saturday, February 9
6:30pm - 8:30pm

This event is a drop-off only event.
New Director of Experience
Mike Tillman

The Children's Science Center is pleased to announce Mike Tillman as our new Director of Experience! Mike brings tremendous expertise to this role. Mike has five years of institutional knowledge gained in working with the Center, most recently serving as part-time General Manager at the Lab. Mike first became a dedicated volunteer with the Children's Science Center long before the Lab was built.

Mike also brings decades of management and community experience to the team. He is both a visionary technology business leader and committed community leader. His great enthusiasm for developing youth has had an impact across the Northern Virginia community.  Please make sure you meet Mike if you haven't already next time you visit the Lab!
After School Special
All the fun for half the price

Give to Inspire Update 

Thank you! As you can see from these smiling faces, your gifts made our 2018 Give to Inspire Appeal another success! We are grateful to the many STEM Philanthropists whose donations in December will inspire our region's children to love hands-on STEM learning with the Children's Science Center. 

Over $35,000 was raised to ensure that our mission reaches thousands of visitors with exciting experiments and activities in the Lab and unique programs across Northern Virginia all year long. Your donations cover 50% of our operating needs. Each and every gift helps to meet our goals.
You can still be a STEM Philanthropist in 2019 and inspire tomorrow's innovators today. Click to learn more.
Volunteer Spotlight 
Anika and Narendra Potluri
This Father/Daughter team are valuable volunteers for the Children's Science Center.

How did you first learn about the Children's Science Center?

Anika: My mom heard about the Children's Science Center through her friends and told me about its volunteering opportunity.
Tell us a little bit about yourself: Where are you from, occupation, homelife, etc.
Anika: My family is from India, but I was born in Herndon, Virginia and have lived in this area my whole life. I moved to Chantilly last year and am currently a sophomore at Chantilly High School.
Narendra: I was born in India, migrated to the US in 1998 and have lived in Virginia since 2000. I have a bachelors degree in engineering, work in the IT industry and am the proud father of two beautiful girls.
What do you enjoy most about volunteering with the Center?
Anika: I like how the staff is always very friendly and welcoming every time we come in to volunteer. I also enjoy performing the experiments myself.
Narendra: I like seeing kids having fun as well as learning science concepts at a very early age. As Anika mentioned, I like how the staff is always friendly, welcoming, as well as energetic.

What scientist do you admire most and why?

Anika: I admire Thomas Edison because before he found the right material for his most famous invention (the lightbulb), he failed 1,000 times, but he still persevered.
Narendra: I believe Galileo has contributed a great deal of knowledge for today's scientific advancement. He is considered as the father of modern science and his scientific methods are even used in today's scientific endeavors. Because of him we know where Earth stands in this incredible universe and how tiny our Earth is in this enormous universe.


How can we inspire young people to become interested in science?

Anika: Everything in the world is in some way related to science, so by helping children explore a variety of science genres, they are bound to find a field that they are interested in.
Narendra: When kids are exposed to science in their early age and understand how everything in this universe is made up of the same basic elements, it is very easy for them to understand we are all part of one living/breathing universe and we are all one and the same.

What is one scientific question you would like to see answered in your lifetime?

Anika: Is there life on any other planets except Earth?
Narendra: I would like to see vehicles running on antimatter. Scientists are very close (maybe a decade away) in using this technology to power the rockets for exploration beyond our solar system.

Anika and her dad, Narendra have been voluteering since 2016 and can be found mostly at the Lab restocking experiment supplies. Thanks to both for their time and dedication! 
Try It At Home:
Bursting in the New Year!

It's a new year and we're one month into winter! To celebrate the arrival of the snowiest of seasons, we're making storage bag snowmen and learning about chemical reactions in this month's Try It At Home. Feel free to collect snow from outside or make your own.

The Children's Science Center is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and your gifts directly support our mission and programs.


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