Volume 54 | March 2019
March 2019 CHIME NOTES
RISE AND SHINE Breakfast 3/3  ⛪ 
Open to all, the informal breakfast (and activity for children) will be held from 9:25 to 9:55 am this Sunday, March 3rd in Clarke Hall.

Saturday, February 24th was a great day spent on retreat at the UU Church of Greater Lynn, located on Forest Avenue in Swampscott. Over great good, about 50 people joined the retreat to share their faith journeys, their favorite vegetables, as well as their hopes and dreams for The First Church. Thanks to Pastor Ian, intern Amy Weston, David Silva, and all on the church council who made all the preparations for an excellent day of worship and fellowship.
Graying Green,
One and Done?
by Gordon Angel
News reports continue to tell us that global warming is having an increasingly damaging effect, with ice caps and glaciers melting faster than previously predicted, vulnerable species disappearing and the frequency of violent storms growing.  It is now a year since we held the Graying Green program encouraging us to reduce our CO 2 emissions and be more environmentally aware.  Over 50% of the people who committed to an action that would reduce their carbon footprint completed their self-imposed assignment – I hope you were one of them!  Has it been a continuing effort though?   Mick Smyer, the program’s originator, hoped that having completed one action we would go on to choose a second, a third and more.  He also hoped that we would develop a wider vision of how to reduce the carbon footprint of the Church itself, and then of our local communities.  How can we reduce the impact of the Church on the environment?  How can we encourage Swampscott, Lynn, Salem to be more environmentally aware?  How can we continue the discussion of this in the Church and put our thoughts into action? Let me know your thoughts!
St. Patrick's Day Coffee House 3/9/19

A coffee house will be held at Tabernacle Church in Salem on Saturday night, March 9th to benefit the team from Tabernacle and First Church who are planning a 2019 mission trip to Guatemala.

The event will be held in the Bigelow Room at Tabernacle Church, from 7-9 PM. A donation of $10 per person, or $20 per family is suggested.
Youth Ministry Regrouping
Stay tuned for more information next month, but our youth ministry is regrouping, and we plan to have a dinner meeting at 5 PM on Sunday, April 14th. Youth 12 years and older will be invited to join us for this meeting, and activities to follow.

Ideas and questions? Email Siobhan!
Sunrise service, Easter 2018
March 2019
Calendar Items
3/2, Dinners for 7-8-9
3/3, Communion Sunday, Rise and Shine Breakfast
3/6, Ash Wednesday, Lent Begins
3/9, Coffee House at Tabernacle
3/10, Spring Forward (daylight savings
time ends)
3/20, First Day of Spring

4/14, Palm Sunday
4/18, Maundy Thursday
4/19, Good Friday
4/21, Easter Sunday
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