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August 7, 2022
Hot town, summer in the city… it is for sure. I give thanks to God for Willis Carrier, the inventor of air conditioning. This Sunday, with actual temps in the 90’s and perceived temp close to 100° we will almost surely be in the Great Hall again for the 10:00am worship. I’ll be preaching and we will all be more comfortable!
Many of you know Chris caught COVID last week and is experiencing mild to moderate symptoms. I’ve tested throughout, always negative and without symptoms. I’m in the office with mask this week to be safe for all and will be 10 days past exposure without infection by Sunday. This variant seems more contagious than ever, but so far many of us have escaped! Pray for healing and continuing solutions as we all learn to overcome and move forward. 
We are beginning to develop curriculum and schedules for Adult and Youth formation classes to begin in September. If you are curious about plans and whether you could help for youth, send me a note
Tonight the only commission that is meeting appears to be Parish Life. I’ll have a couple pizzas at 6:00, and we will plan some Fall events, so if you wish to join us you are welcome. Next Wednesday it is back to Summer Wednesday Movies. “Into the Spider-verse” will be both good fun and worthwhile spiritual reflection. All ages (that the parents approve) are welcome with this PG rated film. 
Pay attention to the many announcements below!
Peace and blessings,
Tonight! Commission Meetings
Parish Life will meet tonight at 6:00pm
Old Donation Episcopal Day School
Seeking a 5-day 4's teacher, and a 5-day assistant. Please contact Amy Borden if you are interested. Spread the word if you know someone that would fit the bill!
Funeral for Tony Ditteaux
Monday, 8 August, 11:00am we will celebrate the life of Jackie Murray's brother, Tony. A reception will follow in Tucker Hall.
September Bell Ringer Submissions
All input is due NLT Wednesday, 24 August. Please send your un-formatted submissions to Gretchen.
NEXT Wednesday, 10 August:
Becoming Beloved Community
Saturday, 13 August. Come on the BBC’s pilgrimage to the Princess Anne Training School Museum and learn the stories of families, community, sacrifices and importance of education by visiting the museum.

The church bus will leave from the church parking lot at 10:00. Please email Barbette Timperlake to reserve a spot on the bus. If you plan to drive separately, please arrive at the museum at 10:30am.
Gifts for Christmas in July
There is still time! We are collecting school supplies for Pembroke Meadows Elementary School to celebrate Christmas in July. Click HERE to order directly from Amazon (and everything is delivered to ODEC). You may also purchase items and bring them in. Here's the information!
Mighty Ushers
We still need ushers at the 10:00am service. We welcome everyone who wants to help! Sign up HERE!

I'd Like a Name Tag!
Send an email to Gretchen with your name(s). The cost is $8.70/each. You can send a check in the mail, or bring it on Sunday. We will notify you when your name tag is ready.

ChurchLife Parish Directory
Are you a member of ODEC and have a smart phone? If so, you can access our directory. Take time to put ChurchLife on your smart phone so you can be in contact with other members. Click HERE to download the app for your phone and get started. If you have troubles, please email the Parish Administrator for help.
Worship This Sunday - 7 August 2022
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