Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes
6th Century Mosaic
Church of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, Italy

Old Donation Episcopal Church

August 2, 2020
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Weekly Chimes

Grace and peace in Jesus for you, my friends, 
It has been a very busy day and week already... and getting more so.  By the end of the week, we will have done two funerals, one wedding (plus one last week), made decisions and done lots of prep work on Day School re-opening, and replanned worship schedules. 
Some of you have read the diocesan advisory this morning. Based upon the high COVID positivity tests in Tidewater, the Bishop and her medical consultant team advised that parishes either stop "in-person" worship or limit capacity to 50. Thank God that Bishop Susan was with us this past Sunday. She and I talked it over and she is very comfortable that we have very effective procedures for safety and health in place. With her agreement we are going to keep doing in-person worship and will limit our outdoor service to 50 - but will add another service outdoors at 5:00pm to include those who wish to attend. With 100 between the two services, we should cover most of you. The service schedule will be:  
  • 8:00am-inside Church with maximum of 27
  • 10:00am-outdoors maximum of 50
  • 11:30am streaming over Facebook Live
  • 5:00pm-outdoors maximum of 50
When the infection rates get back in control, we will open up capacities again for outdoors and probably change the schedule. Please let us know if you are trying to get into a service and find it full. We have some willing to swap around to help everyone get to church!
It was a joy and delight to have Bishop Susan Haynes with us last Sunday.  She asked Friday if she could just come and take up one of our seats. We made her 'work' a little, and she said she loved being with you all. +Susan remarked about your vitality and energy. That's the Holy Spirit at work among you for which I give thanks! 
This weekend - I'll be preaching. Ashley will be on vacation, but thanks be to God, Genevieve will be back! So come if you can - though you might have to join us at 5:00pm.  I look forward to seeing you all once more!
Peace and blessings in Jesus, 

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By now you have seen our emails about re-gathering. Please note we have added a new outdoor service at 5:00pm. Come as you are, bring a chair and your mask, just like the 10:00am outdoor service. Click HERE to make a reservation for an in-person service. Remember to arrive about 20 minutes early for temperature checks and to get seated/situated. Masks are required. For more information, click HERE.   
Forward Day by Day: if you'd like to receive a daily email from them click HERE to give them your email information. If you'd like to listen to their daily podcast, click HERE! The booklets are delayed, but we will let everyone know when they arrive. 
We encourage you to contribute online, through your bank, or mail in your donation. Our website has a link for Giving. Feel free to email the office if you need help.  
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No. of Pledging Units to General Fund 195

Construction Impact

Construction continues by Alfriend House and in the front parking lot by the Parish Hall entrance. If you come to the church, you must not drive beyond the Bell Tower.  Check out the BLOG to read everything!
Click HERE for pictures!

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Sunday, 2 August 2020
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost 
8:00am Holy Eucharist, Rite I
(click HERE to make a reservation for this service)
10:00am Holy Eucharist, Rite II Outdoor Service
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11:30am Live Streamed Service
(note the new time!)  
5:00pm Holy Eucharist, Rite II Outdoor, no music
(note the new service!)  
(clic k HERE to make a reservation for this service)
***If you are unable to attend an in-person service for which you have already RSVP'd, please contact the Parish Office so we can remove your name and make space for others.***
Genesis 32:22-31
Matthew 14:13-21 

Parish Office

Note: Your clergy and staff are mostly working from home,
but we are always available by email.

Gretchen Hood, Parish Administrator, odec@olddonation.org
The Rev. Robert J. Randall, Jr., Rector,  brandall@olddonation.org
The Rev. Ashley E. Urquidi, Associate Rector, aurquidi@olddonation.org
The Rev. Fred Poteet, Priest Associate, fpoteet@olddonation.org
The Rev. Genevieve Nelson, Deacon, gnelson@olddonation.org
Summer Johnson, Children's & Youth Minister, youth@olddonation.org
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