Old Donation Episcopal Church

February 21, 2021
First Sunday in Lent

Weekly Chimes

Repent ye sinners, repent!
That, after all, is the charge of the day for Ash Wednesday. And if this evokes images of street corner preachers, some days they have the right message!  For all of us, some periodic reassessment of our life, direction, and details is mandatory for a healthy life.  For me (and I suspect for all of us), a review of my spiritual compass finds me somewhat off track and a course correction (turning which is the literal translation of repenting) is necessary.  
Dumping ashes on the head (ashes and sackcloth throughout the Bible) signified our acceptance of a need for turning life around. Today begins a 40 day season of spiritual examination and housecleaning - getting our house back in shape... following Jesus on his journey... bearing the cross the world will present to all who follow the sacrificial life. 
You can come have ashes on your forehead (or the more traditional poured on your head if you prefer). We will meet you in your cars for a drive-by at the new entrance door to the Great Hall around 11:30-1:00 and 5:00-6:30.  Tonight at 7:00 is the Ash Wednesday liturgy on FaceBook and YouTube.  Yesterday's email has many options to help us learn to let God reshape our lives like the potter and the clay. Today is a great day to start. 
All this rain and cold has damaged our outdoor worship area so we will NOT have an outdoor service this Sunday morning. Let's pray for a drier week and better temperatures so we can get back to in-person on Feb 28. In the meantime however, we are distributing pre-consecrated Communion elements today and tomorrow that you can receive the bread and wine with us in the streamed service on Sunday. Pick them up when you come for ashes or tomorrow from 10-2 at the Bell Tower. 
Repent and give your life to Christ.  Today is (always) the best day!

Construction Update
Please be sure to communicate with the Parish Office by email, not by calling the office. The office is under renovation and phone lines have been moved.
Do you have a Special Talent?
If so, please be sure to take pics, or a short video and submit to Mother Ashley. We want to know your secret talents! 

Our Annual Parish Meeting
We held our Annual Parish Meeting 31 January. If you missed it, and would like to view it, please click HERE for the Zoom recording. Click HERE to read all of the 2020 reports. 
Have You Pledged Yet for 2021?
Now's the time, please see below for easy ways to accomplish this and check it off your to-do list.
What's New in Your Household?
Successes? Changes? Accomplishments? We want to hear about it and share! Please let us know by email.
You can click to pledge right now for 2021! We encourage you
to contribute online, through your bank, or mail your donation. Our website has a link for Giving. Feel free to email the office if you need help.
A Note from our Treasurer:
2020 Annual Contribution Statements for both the ODEC General Fund and the Building Fund have been mailed to all parishioner donors. When you receive yours, please review them carefully for any discrepancies or missing contributions/payments. If a problem is detected, or you have questions, please promptly contact Jo-Ann Bach for the General Fund and Terri Piston for the Building Fund, via email. If it is determined that a mailed donation may have been stolen, also immediately report it to the police.
Jo-Ann Bach:
Terri Piston:

Family Formation  

Lent at Home in Community  
For families (and anyone else!) this Lent we'll be using a curriculum from GenOn Ministries which seeks to engage the senses: "See. Taste. Hear. Smell. Touch. Give." The short weekly guide will be provided in Chimes and Sunday Scoop each week, and will walk individuals and families through a brief reading from Psalms, an activity, and a prayer.   
Click HERE for this week's activity.  
Daily Micro-practices
This year, we are including a nice devotional booklet for adults and families. These are small, easy-to-do micro-practices that will enhance your mindfulness and enable you to experience Lent.
Click HERE for the booklet.

Worship this Week 

Sunday, 21 February 2021
No in-person worship this week.
11:30am Live-stream Holy Eucharist on Facebook Live

Genesis 9:8-17

Mark 1:9-15  

Psalm 25:1-9   


12:30pm Sermon Seminar on Zoom  
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Meeting ID: 832 7456 7310
Passcode: sermon
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Ash Wednesday Worship
The traditional worship for Ash Wednesday includes prayers of confession and re-commitment to a life of following Christ. While most of us always associate that with ashes being placed on our forehead, that is actually a more recent ceremony and the Book of Common Prayer makes the point that ashes are optional. We will have them available, but if you cannot or prefer not, don't feel like the service is incomplete. Please participate in the streamed service regardless. 
Imposition of Ashes:
Today between 11:30-1:00 and 5:00-6:30 
  • From Witchduck Road, pull into the drive through circle next to the construction of the new Great Hall. One of us will come to your car window and put the ashes on your forehead with the traditional words. The person will fully sanitize between touching people in one car before the next, thus maintaining safe protocols for COVID protection. 
  • When you come for the ashes, we will also give you pre-consecrated communion elements to be consumed on Sunday, 21 February for the First Sunday in LENT. 
Prayers for the beginning of Lent: Facebook Live at 7:00pm. Also released on YouTube by email to you at 7:00pm. 
Holy Communion elements will also be available at the Bell Tower this Thursday between 10:00am and 2:00pm. 
Parish Office

Office staff is working largely from home. Please email before stopping by. Construction makes entry to the building challenging. 

Gretchen Hood, Parish Administrator, odec@olddonation.org
The Rev. Robert J. Randall, Jr., Rector,  brandall@olddonation.org
The Rev. Ashley E. Urquidi, Associate Rector, aurquidi@olddonation.org
The Rev. Fred Poteet, Priest Associate, fpoteet@olddonation.org
The Rev. Genevieve Nelson, Deacon, gnelson@olddonation.org
Construction Impact

Have you read the blog recently? SO much is happening!!!

Construction continues! If you need to contact the Parish Office, please email us. Check out the BLOG to read everything!
Click HERE for pictures!

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