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~ May 2019 ~
                      Stewardship Sunday 
                   May 5th
It's that time of the year again!   It is our Stewardship season, when we give consideration to our financial support for the church for the upcoming fiscal year. 

The Stewardship Committee mailed out the letters containing pledge cards last week.                              
We ask everyone to prayerfully consider supporting the church by making a pledge.  We will be turning in our pledge cards on Sunday, May 5th. We hope to see you then!
Thank you!!
The Stewardship Committee

From the Deacon's Bench
It has been a while since we have written and we have been quite busy through the Lenten season.
Thanks to Vickie Mancini we had a very successful bible study on the book of Philippians. We met on Sundays after church to read about and ponder Paul's letter to the Philippians. The theme of the study was JOY, not the usual topic during Lent but one that was very much appreciated by all who attended. Many thanks to Vickie for leading the group.
Palm Sunday was upon us before we knew it and we had a most powerful service led by Rev. Keene which began in the parlor with the blessing of the palms. The Passion was read by many members of the congregation. The music was lovely and we would like to thank Doug Shelburne for playing throughout Holy Week.
Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services were especially moving. Both ending in darkness and silence giving those who wished a time to sit and reflect on the life of our Savior, in His last days.
And at last, Easter morning! Alleluia, He is risen!! Rev. Keene did another fine job with a Joy-filled service. The altar was beautiful with all the different plants making it resemble an English garden. Thanks to all who donated plants. The children came dressed in their Easter finery and they all received a plant at the end of the service.
Melanie and Pam delivered some of the plants to our less mobile members. We know that those plants are very much appreciated by folks who love our church but can no longer get out to attend services.
On another note, we're sure by now that most of you have seen and heard our new piano. We are so fortunate to have been one of the beneficiaries of a program by Bushell Piano Movers as they celebrated being in business for 50 years. They gave away 50 pianos to non-profit organizations as a thank you for their many years of success. We know that Doug is very happy with this gift and the sound is heavenly. Once again, I would like to thank Leslie Kendall for bringing this program to our attention.
Lastly, we have not forgotten that we are still struggling with the question of finding a pastor. We, the Council and Deacons, have had talks regarding the next steps to take in this matter. We will be meeting jointly to discuss this issue and will let you know when we have come to some conclusion on the subject.
As always, we invite your opinions, so please feel free to contact any Deacon or Council member with your ideas.
Meanwhile, we continue to marvel at how much our congregation is willing to do to keep our church involved in its community outreach programs. Family Promise, the Food Pantry, the Women's Shelter and the Thrift Shop continue to thrive. Our numbers may be small but our spirit is mighty!
Signing off with continued hope for the future of our church,
Pam Dunham and Melanie Conner, Co-Chairs of the Deacons

A Tribute to the People of Paris
On Monday evening, April 15th, some of you may have heard the church bells ringing and wondered what was going on at the church. I received a call around 8:00 from Sue Wallace asking if I thought it would be okay for her, Bill, Rev. Keene and her son, Ian to ring the bells to acknowledge the tragic fire in Paris of the 800 year old Notre Dame. I told them that as long as the police were informed to go ahead. They rang the bells for 8 ½ minutes, a minute for each century of Notre Dame's existence.   They said that it felt like Ashland became a little closer to the people of Paris who were mourning the loss of such a treasure. Hats off to Sue, Bill, Katie and Ian for not only thinking of this tribute but for following through.  
Pam Dunham,  Co-Chair of the Deacons
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Walk for Hunger
Sunday, May 5th 

Help prevent and end hunger in Massachusetts!
Our team is participating in Project Bread's 51st Walk for Hunger on Sunday, May 5th and we are asking for donations to support community-based programs across Massachusetts that help people access and afford food.
Hunger impacts 1 in 10 people in this state, and in some communities as many as 7 in 10. 
Please help us reach our team goal by making a generous donation either to our team or directly to one of our team members (it will count toward their personal fundraising goal and our team's!)
You are making a difference for the people who rely on these programs!  
If you have any questions or would like to make a donation please speak to Sue Wallace. Also, you may drop off any donations to Linda in the Church Office. 

Thank you!
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Thrift Shop
The Thrift Shop is OPEN...
Wednesdays 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturdays 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM

We have new items arriving every week.

Please stop by ... 
you never know what you may find!

Thank you for your support! 

Sunday, May 12th 


     Brown Bag Sunday
May 19th   
On the third Sunday of every month, we collect and bless the donations placed inside the bins in the Narthex of the Church.  
Please consider picking up a few extra non-perishable food items while you are doing your grocery shopping.
You may bring them to the Church on Sunday morning or  drop them off at the Church during the week.  All items are delivered to the Ashland Food Pantry.
 Thank you for your continued generosity! 
Monday, May 27th 

"We Are ALL On God's Team"
Please mark your calendars ... July 8-12!
It's going to be a sports themed week with lots of games and activities!
We are inviting children ages 4-11 to join us for a full week of Vacation Bible School from 9 AM - 12 Noon.  Please call the Church Office and Linda will send you the forms needed for registration. 
If you have any questions, please contact Kim Conner at     Thank you!

Our Member's Birthdays
5/16    Jose Mateo

6/1      Cris Colby
6/23   Guy Williams
6/25   Busi Maswoswe
6/28   Yuna Woodward

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"A smile is a passport that will take you 
anywhere you want to go."

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